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    Tools for the overlander

    This is correct. You would be perfectly fine to drive on a 4wd hub of this style without the cv shaft in the hub. I work for a manufacturer of hub bearings, we are actually owned by the same overall company that owns Timken. This style of hub bearing is self-contained. The inner shaft is...
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    How many miles on your Nissan?

    '90 Hardbody SE-V6 5sp. 4x4 418,000! All original drivetrain! has been hydro-locked once. parts replaced due to wear or breakage; replaced syncro's several years back one cv axle 2 fuel injecter. center driveshaft bearing driver side motor mount (replaced with HD mount) needs: 5th gear...
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    This is my first post on this website, been lurking around for a while. Mainly looking around to see if anybody was running a hardbody for expedition wheeling. Mine is currently set up more for trail wheeling from a base camp, but i would love to set it up to do some expedition wheeling...