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    FS: 2017 Tacoma w/ Super Pacific X-1

    Beautiful build, good luck!
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    SOLD - VANKIND: 2014 E350EB 4x4 6.8L V10 gas, 41k, Agile 4x4, VanHaus Interior, TransferFlow, Aluminess, and more...

    Haven't seen this van but can confirm that Van Haus does amazing builds. I've known Erik, Kenny and crew forever, top top notch work. GLWS
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    SOLD: 2019 FWC Swift

    That FWC is a beaut, good luck with the sale!
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    OMG! The World Has Gone Completely Crazy! $190k for a New Bronco🤬

    Finally something that makes all these 20+ year old Sportsmobile prices seem reasonable
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    Messaged you
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    That's the setup I'd like to build next, beautiful. Good luck with the sale!
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    WTB: FWC Eagle or...

    No prob, good luck! If that was closer to me I'd jump on it, looks solid
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    WTB: FWC Eagle or...

    Just saw a really nice looking 2019 Swift on FB
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    FS: 2017 Tacoma w/ Super Pacific X-1

    Love those khaki Tacomas, looks like a solid build, good luck!
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    Turn-Key Overland Built Tacoma and AT Summit $56K -- SOLD

    Can't believe it took that long. Solid build and a manual transmission Tacoma - dream
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    four wheel camper hawk for sale on 2010 ram 2500 6sp manual crew cummins 4x4

    I had email contact with the seller and he seems legit to me, some folks just aren't salesmen. Wrong state for me but I think this will sell quick quick
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    WTT: My Go Fast Camper + cash for your FWC Fleet

    Bumping this up. Will also just outright buy your camper, prefer a Fleet but would consider a Hawk as I've been eyeing a new truck for a tow vehicle anyways
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    Has anyone seen one of these yet?

    This has always struck me as one of those aspirational things, like the cool small A-frames and other modular homes. Company with a website and some CAD photos just waiting for the first ̶s̶u̶c̶k̶e̶r̶ customer to fund their company
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    2005 F250 6.0L XL 6 Speed, Low Miles in CO **SOLD**

    Whoa, manual transmission! GLWS, that's a rare bird