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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    My guess is that there is probably a only a small percentage of buyers with the skill and/or will to do fitment themselves. People love turn key.
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    Catalina wine mixer, Ram 3500 C&C

    The custom fuel fillers are nice.
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    I heat my home with wood and could cut 2 years worth with less than 5 gallons of gas. For travel, i'd recommend a premix, much safer and travels well
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    Replace this axle?

    Wheel mounting surface to wheel mount in surface is the number you want. I'd put it on jack stands, take off both wheels and use a tape measure to measure WMS to WMS at the bottom
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    Are DIY tire repair kits ok for permanent repairs on small punctures?

    I would, and have done this for 50 years. Adhering a flat patch with a large surface area and no friction fit is more likely to give you problems, IMO.
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    What is the craziest recovery situation you made it through (or didn't make it through)?

    I had to use cinders to get my wife's car unstuck in the driveway once. It was by far the most dramatic recovery I've been involved in. She NEEDED to be somewhere
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    Dear Ore-Landers: Sleeping method debate

    What temperature range are you expecting in June at GNP? A cot with a pad is most comfortable but if it's really cold, I'd be on the ground on a pad, wool blanket on the floor and a high quality mummy.
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    I'm eager to hear about them
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    General gripe

    For t-shirts, you should check out Russell Athletics dri power series at walmart. They last forever. They are headquartered in KT. $8-15
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    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    I was not given a reason for the delay. I don't think it was due to the CCW. All of the questions were like, "are you just here joyriding?, do you know there are no trails here you are allowed on? , which roads were you on?, what's in the cooler" He seemed to think I was going to go...
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    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    A few weeks ago, I was stopped in a Pennsylvania State Forest by a Ranger. He saw me coming on a narrow dirt road and pulled across the road in front of me. He asked what I was doing, I said I was driving up to the fire tower. He said "Do you have any guns or anything else illegal in the...
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    Flashlights advice

    I've never had a headlamp on and wished it were a flashlight, but vice versa, YES. Some good choices here
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    Project: Blanco, The 2007 F350 Standard Cab Adventure Truck

    Regular cab, no chrome, vinyl floor, I love it!
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    Towing with a 2 Door JL

    Yes Some of my requirements are getting lost. Not towing in bad weather is not an option. That is the only reason I need to tow. I've set aside the idea of towing a 2900lb cargo trailer. I would be towing a utility trailer with a utv/pow combo which for S&G, I took to a scale yesterday...
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    Towing with a 2 Door JL

    Thanks for all the input. I had a hunch that that towing 2200lbs would be possible. As I said, this would only be to haul my utv/plow system from my home to my business, on 45 mph roads. Unfortunately the roads are always bad when I need to plow. For the one special event each year where at I...