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    I found Land Cruiser Heaven.....

    After reading this I walked outside. Every vehicle is a Toyota except for one Izuz D-Max There's 4 dual cab Hilux, 4 Trayback 79 Series V8's, 1 Trayback 76 Series V8 wagon, and one 1HZ 6cyl 78 Series troopy. All these vehicles are of course diesels, and I'm of course in Australia :-)
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    Distance to nearest McDonalds

    Just checked google earth, I'm about 550-600km as the crow flies from my nearest McDonalds. By road (track really) it's about 500km of gravel/sand that has a few wheel tracks to show the way, then a few hundred km's of bitumen.
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    Samurai as a expo truck

    Can't beleive there are 4 pages of talk about Suzuki's in South America and nobody has mentioned the Top Gear Bolivia Challenge? That's the link to Part 1 of it, the 3 hosts buy 3 cheap 4wd's and do a trip :) Sean
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    89 FJ62 Toolkit

    My 83 HJ60 has the "Toyota" adjustable spanner along with the complete kit. Also has a circa 1983 "Toyota" bulb and fuse kit in the glove box that's been topped up as needed. Sean
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    For Fellow 70-Series Lovers

    Just a happy snap from work, 5 troopys, 2 Navaras, and a Hilux, all diesel. Another 5 troopys and a Navara out in the field when the photo was taken. It's good to get paid to do expeditions for a living in troopys :)
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    Did Nissan Kill the SFA for Toyota???

    I'm glad I come from Australia where people DO buy brand new landcruisers to drive in a "hardcore" way. Same with Nissans and Landrovers, all of which are offered with a solid front axle Ie Landcruiser 70 (wagon, troppy and trayback) Nissan Patrol GU (wagon and trayback) Landrover Defender...
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    100 series factory Aux tank

    Simplest option I can forsee would be the pump out the main tank option... Even if you're not planning to run off your aux tank, its worthwhile making sure you can re-plumb to it should you ever get a hole whilst out in the sticks. Sean
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    Cheap 110/12volt coolers aka Coleman and such

    Just a small bar fridge will do the job :) Make sure you pack it standing upright and not laying on its side.
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    Nissan Frontier overheating after electric fan install.

    Where abouts are you in the world? The ambient temperature these vehicles are operating in would have a big impact on this. While you might get away with driving at highway speeds in winter with your electric fan, it might not be as good working hard in soft sand at the height of summer.
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    Seat Covers

    I spend a lot of time in the drilling industry where the majority of light vehicles are Toyotas (Hilux dualcabs, landcruiser traybacks and 105 series wagons). Some of them arive with the genuine toyota covers, others arive without covers and we order them from Black Duck. The black duck covers...
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    Seat Covers

    If they're the manufacturer of the "Genuine" Toyota canvas seat covers, they're not the best in the market in my opinion. Have a look for some Black Duck seat covers, much nicer product (but like a good pair of boots they'll take a little while to wear in) Sean
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    Nissan Frontier overheating after electric fan install.

    You don't seem to mention it anywhere in the thread, but was the vehicle perfectly fine with the engine driven fan? If it was, go back to it! If it aint broke, don't stuff around with it...
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    My son's FJ40

    She's gorgeous :D
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    Nissan Patrol factory winch tray pics ?

    Only ever seen them fitted by Nissan Australia with a full Nissan winch bullbar... Sorry!
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    Nice German 80 series

    4 spares isn't really excessive.... I have 2 with me everywhere I go and a few extra if I'm worried about the terrain.