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  • I have noticed the loss of a gallon/mile, there is a slight rub at full lock and the sidewalls are adequate unless you plan on doing some fairly serious off roading in tough terrain. When I replace these tires, I will go with 17" or 18" wheels and E load tires. For the 17" wheels, you have to source the TDV6 brakes and calipers from outside the U.S. The sidewalls and snow/ice traction will be better than the Cooper Zeons. But, I believe GY will be start selling a Duratrac in the 19" tire, but it will be P rated. The Duratrac will have much better dirt and mud traction than either the GY Adv or Cooper Zeons.
    Very interested to hear if 255/60/19 affected gas mileage ? Do they rub at all ? Im thinking of getting gy adventures for my lr3. You mention sidewalls - can you elaborate please ?
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