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    Norex Overland Festival 2022 in Norway!!

    I will edit this post with new and more info consecutively regarding the festival We are hosting our second overland festival in Norway next summer. Is there any facebook pages for scandinavia and europe or forums I should advertise this on? The booking page will be up and running in January...
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    MOVIE: Iceland Vatnajokull Crossing 2019

    We made a great movie from our Vatnajokull Crossing on Iceland in 2019. Alot of editing went into this movie so we did not publish it before this summer. I hope alot of you guys will enjoy this. And please subscribe to the channel. Link to movie: Iceland Vatnajokull crossing
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    Kola Peninsula / Murmansk Region Overlanding?

    I have been in Russia two times offloading. We use Frank from Kola Expedition
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    My movies from Iceland, Morocco and Russia

    Here is some movies I have made from some of my trips. Please subscribe to my channel also.
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    Morocco Expedition film

    Hey. I made a film from my trip to Morocco with a extremely modified arctic truck hilux. Please check it out. Also I would be really happy if you would subscribe to my channel.
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    UK to Mongolia in a ******** car!

    Wow, I have been thinking about joining Mongol Rally so many times. Maybe I have time next year
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    Morocco Expedition 2017

    This post will be a work in progress post, it will take me some weeks to finish this and upload all the pictures and movies. If you dont have the patience to wait for all the films and pictures they are allready out on my facebook page Arctic Extreme:
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    From Iceland to West Sahara in Morocco

    Hello. im currently traveling down Europe to Marocoo. Started on Iceland. Im on my black Hilux Arctic Truck on 42" tires. Currently im in Germany. Going to pick up a Alu Cab hardtop and Roof top tent tomorrow before I start to travel again. Is anyone else out traveling now in Europe? You can...
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    Away We Winnebago

    This is awsome. How do you connect the jeep when towing?
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    My Pictures/blogg from traveling on iceland

    Hello everyone. I have a facebook page where I post pictures from my trips on Iceland, try and post everyday. It might be interresting for alot of you to follow it. Have a look.
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    Iceland on four wheels, 28 days exploring the wilderness

    It so nice going down this valley on the way to Akureyri The road was starting to get a little bit flooded from all the melting water, sometimes the roads get washed away.
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    Iceland on four wheels, 28 days exploring the wilderness

    Well next morning we sleept for a long time. Woke up, had breakfast, tok a swim in the hot pot. Started the car and left for Akureyri
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    Iceland on four wheels, 28 days exploring the wilderness

    Hello, thanks. Yes I was living on Svalbard for a year when I did the study. Now its both in Norway and on Svalbard.
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    Iceland on four wheels, 28 days exploring the wilderness

    Our goal and destination for this day was the camping site Laugafell. Its a small camping site in the north of Iceland. The last one before you go back down to the highway and into Akureyri. There are huts, thermal pools and toilets. But first there is still some hours driving to get there...
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    Iceland on four wheels, 28 days exploring the wilderness

    Next morning it was time to head north, trough the waste desserts of Iceland. This landscape can sometimes be really incredible if you take the time to look closely. But first a coffee stop after a short drive this morning. My gps setup is not like this anymore. These got stolen later on the...