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    Engel mt45 with case - pick up in CO only

    Is it still available?
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    2007 Adventure Trailers Chaser

    I am selling my 2007 Chaser. My outdoor passions have taken me in a direction where I am just not using the trailer as much as it deserves to be used. As everyone here knows it does not get any better than an Adventure Trailer. If you don't know then just check out this forum and...
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    Chaser water pump

    I understand metal has the tendancy to crack as well when it freezes but a solid metal pump will not crack as quickly as a cheap plastic one. I camp in cold weather often so I'd like to find a stronger pump and I'll start thinking of some ideas to insulate it and the tank to keep it from...
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    Chaser water pump

    Well my girlfriend and I went out over Thanksgiving weekend with the Chaser and had a great time. However it got down to 10 degrees the first night and 16 the second. The water pump did freeze up. Well I just realized it was leaking really bad, unusable, so I figured something inside broke...
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    Ugh, need new rain jacket, can't decide

    I too had a Columbia Titanium jacket that I wore for years and years. The sleeves lost their waterproofness just about two years ago. I know you said you did not like the Marmot jackets but that's what I replaced mine with and I love it. I wear a Marmot Precip jacket as a waterproof shell...
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    Trailer versus Truck mounted Flippac

    I thought about getting a flippac but ended up going back to a trailer after I sold my previous one. I love my trailer. I can take it anywhere I can get my truck. For me setting up camp then being able to drive the truck to various trailheads for climbing or fishing without having to pack...
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    Electrical, National Luna Question

    The NL Battery will be in the bed and a stand alone battery independent from the two batteries in the Trailer. They will not be connected at all. My truck now trickle charges the two trailer batteries by way of the trailer connection off the hitch. My concern is that once I connect the NL to...
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    Electrical, National Luna Question

    So I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about electrical stuff so I thought I'd ask. I have a trailer with dual group 31 batteries in it. They recieve a trickle charge while I drive throught the charge line from the truck. I'm installing my third group 31 in the bed of my truck to run...
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    Flippac + Snow = I need your experience

    I've used Eezi Awn tents in down pours and snow and have never gotten wet. Have closed it up wet and bedding stayed dry. The fabric they use is awesome.
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    Flippac + Snow = I need your experience

    Not being that familiar with Flippacs, are you saying the tent material has to be treated with Nikwax or the actual rain fly has to be treated? I would hope the rain fly would already be waterproof.
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    Flippac + Snow = I need your experience

    I feel your pain. I too have a short bed Tacoma and keep going back and forth on a Flippac or going back to a AT Chaser. I have heard that the flippac tent is not very good in wet conditions and that rain fly seems like a pain in the butt especially when wet. Outside of that is seems like a...
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    Doc's AT FlipPac Build Thread

    I use these as well. They are great and offer good options for leveling your truck, used as a base for you jack or for the drop leg jack/wheel of a trailer.
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    Cabelas vs. Kamp-Rite Tent Cots

    I think I've had my double tent cot for about 4 years now. I have not used it a ton but probably 20-25 nights, maybe a few more. It's been great. I've used in on the ground and I've used it elevated while mounted on the bed rails of my Tacoma. I've had it in extreme storms with no issues at...
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    Fridge storage

    My Waeco CF-50 has been running almost non-stop for near 3 years now. When not used for camping it's a beer fridge in my garage.