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    FS: Autohome Columbus Variant RTT, $2000, Elizabethtown, KY

    Truly a steal for anyone looking for the best of breed RTT
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    Snowpeak Home & Camp Burner

    Found some videos on YouTube.
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    New must-have Dutch oven accessory?

    Any updates? Are you guys still using this stuff, or did the newness die and your back to just normal use of the DO?
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    Engel platinum series? Any word from Overland Expo on when it'll come to the US?

    I have not seen nor heard of these yet.. Links?
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    What do you consider to be the best cookware kit?

    Does anyone make just a carbon steel set? I like carbon steel as it seasons like cast iron. My hand hammer wok is super non-stick at this point and easy to clean....just too big for what I want in the backcountry. Thinking of going with a carbon skillet, but would love if someone made a...
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    Snowpeak Home & Camp Burner

    Snow peak has come out with a new to me camp stove. The Home & Camp burner seems to pack small and set up quickly. I have one on order and will test it out. Hopefully it has nice simmer control and high full blast heat. Price = $109...
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    Cast iron question and Potjie vs Dutch oven

    If you don't mind $50 -$70 in shipping, you can buy them through eBay here: Ebay Link Also I hear you can buy directly from Souther Metal Spinners, but the shipping is still $50-$80...
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    Thoughts on the ORIS Skottle?

    Anyone have a source for small Discada? I'm looking for something around 12-15". Just want the pan that I can put on my snowpeak stove.
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    Let's talk frying pans

    Anyone ever pop the rivets and use a bolt and wing nut to attach the handle? Just trying to figure out a way for it to take up as little space a possible, but still be used like traditional skillet.
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    How often do you disconnect?

    I disconnect the sway bar whenever off-road
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    Diesel Gladiator with a Manual!!! Is it coming 2020?

    Sadly, I think you’re right. Sometimes you hear what your dreams want. I’ll still end up with a diesel and auto as long as it proves to be a good engine in the JL.
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    Diesel Gladiator with a Manual!!! Is it coming 2020?

    Podcast #7: Building a Jeep Gladiator for Overlanding
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    Diesel Gladiator with a Manual!!! Is it coming 2020?

    I just finished listening to Matt Scott and Scott Brady talk about how the Gladiator is the perfect Overland Platform. What caught my attention was during the last 50 seconds. Matt mentions that in 2020 this platform would be available with a manual and diesel. Maybe my hopes are high and he...
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    Hema vs Gaia

    I have 3 versions of topos(all levels) plus all Tails Illustrated downloaded for all of Colorado and Utah on both my phone and IPad mini. My devices say that Gaia is taking 35gb of memory
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    Status of US Maltec Campers?

    Any updates?