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    fuso random loss of power under load

    1993 misb, fg439 124711 miles. been in daily driver around town mode for past 10 months prior to that sat around for 18 years, and for 12 years it racked up 114,000 miles on expeditions trouble free. vehicle has been maintained to the letter with sighnings on every single interval in the...
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    (FIXED) Canter FG649 (2003) clutch pedal is free

    my fg439 did the dsame thing. clutch froze to flywheel. big mess big expense. i am with the above poster if the seal went you should have a big puddle just to the left of the steering column. and your resivior would be empty. i had my master go out. it didnt just pushi in an stay loose...
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    nissan nv conversion spotted

    last night leaving walmart in pasadena florida i spotted an nissan nv200 with a roof rack and some meat at the 4 corners. curiosity got the best of me so i swung my old "miss bitchy" fg439 to have a closer look and caught the owner leaving. attached are some pics. sorry late night black truck...
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    In the process of picking this up. 1990 fuso fg

    i have a 92 down in florida. family since new purchase. father used it for overland for decades and then parked it when he bought an 03 or so canter. EP member fusofg. i currently use it for a mobile shop. number 1 slightly different than your 90 but my experience bringing my "missbitchy"...
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    How to avoid frozen clutch?

    i would recommend an attempt at the clutch arm. at the tranny itself. and bypass an attempt to "wedge" thereby putting the master cylinder into full longterm use. I havre a 92 and am sure it is somewhat different. I too endured the dreaded clutch weld. my father left it parked over wet soil...
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    DOT Inspection?

    I know i am way late to the party but i have 1993 fuso titled since purchased new in state of florida as a motor home. Fg439 4x4 bought from messinas in tampa i had to do a bit of fighting with the dmv but they agreed to go out to parking lot and see it and recognized the incomplete truck vin...
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    2007 Fuso FG chassis For Sale SOLD

    If you dont mind what price did it sell. Would like to get an idea on value as i will be selling an ilder one in the coming month