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    old beat up Isuzu Trooper finds a new purpose in life

    Well, that "boring AF" maint stuff really helps it make it worth it. All the cool doodads won't matter if it doesn't run well down the road or lets you down on the trail. Nice work!!
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    Ford F250 Navstar powered problem

    They stopped the 7.3 in 2003. Is he sure it's not the 6.0? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    '97 Suburban: The Big Burgundy Burb

    Oh cool....another "slow" thread. They never make it to fruition it seems. Nice Burban though.
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    Ford 7.3L Diesel Question

    Kind of a late reply as I am not on this forum that much. I use FleetCharge. It has the additives you need to protect from cavitation. I do not have a coolant filter. They are great to have, but I have a pretty clean cooling system at this point.
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    Ford 7.3L Diesel Question

    Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to you. I haven't logged in in awhile. I just did a flush when i first got the truck and filled with FleetCharge that already has SCA in it. You can get it at O'Reillys. I test it once a year and so far, so good. I don't worry about it too much just knowing...
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    Ford 7.3L Diesel Question

    I guess my first and only question is...Why in the world is this at the dealer in the first place? I wouldn't trust my 7.3 with ANY of those idiots. You need to find a diesel mechanic that knows the 7.3. Good grief...I just don't understand the dealer mentality, but that's just me. Sorry to hear...
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    97 suburban , a truck called uncertainty.

    Please don't cut this thing up. Get an each his own, but I second the hack job. That's all it will be, no matter how "clean" it looks.
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    Ford 7.3L Diesel Question

    Hey Matt, I am in Oceanside as well. If you ever need help, lemme know. I have a '97. Ford Truck Enthusiast is the best forum, I have found, for these trucks. The guys on there are very cool and very knowledgeable. Seriously though, hit me up. I live right off O'Side Blvd and Coast Hwy.
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    Duraburb Newbi + Intro

    Yeah man....don't start a thread this good and leave us hanging....or did you even go through with it?
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    My Build - '98 Chevrolet K1500 Z71

    I forgot about this thread. It's good to see it coming along. Amy plans or idea of when it might be back together? Nice work.
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    '79 K30 CREWCAB

    Really nice K30! I am guessing you are a Reformer based on your signature?
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    Going to look at a used '08 LR3 in an hour...

    True story about vehicle purchasing. I was looking for an older Suburban in the late 90s era. I found one last year with only 80k miles, 2500, 4x4. Very long story short, they were asking a ridiculous amount of $$....about $3k over book and market value. They told me the same thing you heard...
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    F350 7.3 Powerstroke SCLB 4x4 ZF5 97' OBS Build w/ Lance Camper

    Congrats on the OBS. I am from Oceanside. Welcome to the hood! I would highly recommend Ford Truck Enthusiast for learning about your OBS. There is a really good group of knowledgeable guys over there. Enjoy the truck!
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    2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins - Questions/Slow Build

    Nice find! As far as maintaining the truck mechanically and getting your questions answered, I would check out the Cummins forum. That would be your best friend. If this is yoru first diesel, get real educated on fuel, oil, filters, and that sort of thing. Your fuel filters should go 10-15k...
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    Evan's F250 CCSB build

    Did you really cut those fenders?! :eek: Nice build though. You should put this over on the Ford truck forums. The OBS section would love to see it I'm sure and those REALLY know their stuff with making these trucks run.