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  • I do have some pics. If you look at my thread in the forum, you'll see photos of deconstructing/cleaning the interior and a few other small mods. The onyl thing I am really planning on doing is slowly replacing parts that need to be such as brake calipers, new rear pinion seal, and u-joints. I did the front brakes with ceramics when I first got it and had the muffler and CAT replaced with high flow from Magnaflow. That made a big difference in performance and sound. The 454 breathes now! i removed the K&N and put the stock air cleaner back on it. Doing this gave me back some low wend torque and better power band. That's about it.

    Is "SC" Southern CA or South Carolina? Yeah, been a medic for 4 years. Currently working on m y Bachelors in Biology and wanna go to grad school to be a P.A.
    Good evening. I was just scrolling through a post and read your vehicle specs I also have a 93 Burban and would like to know what other mods you are hoping to do and also if you have pics. I also see you are a fellow EMS brother. I am a Paramedic here in SC. Thanks and have a great night.
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