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    Replacement bumpers for 2022 Tremor? Sensor friendly?

    Buckstop does have an aluminum option for their bumpers, that should greatly reduce the weight. I've got an aluminum bumper (TJM) on my '05 F250 and its lighter than the factory bumper, I can carry it with one arm. The buckstop aluminum option does have some steel in the construction from what...
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    Rear Winch wiring using jumper cables; what am I missing?

    ..and jumper cables could pop off the terminals if the vehicle is moving
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    AEV 4.5-in LWB Suspension (Short Arm Lift) from 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon - SOLD

    wish you were local to me, sounds like a really good deal!
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    Advice needed. Adding bumpers, winch, and lights on a 2022 Ram 3500 Megacab

    For the bumpers, I'd say it comes down to personal preference that it meets your needs and your budget. No reason to have same company bumpers on the front and back. I've got a TJM on the front and Buckstop on the rear. I wanted the full guard on the front due to lots of deer in PA! I ended up...
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    Fiskers X7 hatchet: NO!

    Pretty both of those are just rebranded Fiskars
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    Bodega vehicle fridge / freezer

    If you don't need a fridge asap, add it to you Amazon cart then move to it saved items. I did that and the one I got (Bodega 50L) went on a lightning deal and got it for $323 after taxes. The price also bounced up an d down a good bit even with the lightning sale. The Bodega is the same as...
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    Warn 16.5 Ti-S

    The Sherpa winch may be half the weight because its probably sized closer to the standard 8 or 9000 pound winch. If you put a 16.5ti next to a normal 8000lb winch, the Warn will dwarf the others. If you look at dimensions of the two, the Warn is much bigger, the spool is 3.5" on the 16.5 and...
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    Electric chainsaw for specific purpose

    Are you on facebook or any other social media sites like Nextdoor, if so just post up in marketplacethat you are looking for someone to cut up a log. If local to me, I certainly wouldn't charge $200, nor would my brother. Would be an licensed and insured person, but I would think you could find...
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    Refilling 5lb propane tank from 20lb?

    A hardware store near me (in PA) charges $10 to recertify. Before that, I went to a propane supplier for refills and they would recert for free, that place sold to a national company and closed that location (think they just wanted the delivery customers). Find a place that refills welding...
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    Mounting Options for Front Aux Lights

    google license plate light mount, might be an option. This is one as an example: Maybe that would work for you?
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    Winchless Recovery Kit

    I think it might be helpful to interested buyers if you mention the diameter of the rope. Was curious about the pulleys so looked them up, those are not cheap pulleys ! (made in the USA)
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    Winch mounting question.

    in the classifieds, there is a person selling one of the ford mounts and winch, listed as 2020 to 2022 so if you can find out if it'll fit, that might be an option for you.
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    winch full protection bumper F250

    I'd go for Buckstop, but from what I understand, Buckstop and Trailready are the same company. Correct me if I'm wrong on that though. I've got a Buckstop rear bumper and like it. Love having the backup lights in the bumper (dark tinted windows made backing up a night a PITA before the bumper...
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    Recommendation for a winch bumper, 2004-2008 F150

    FWIW, I've got an aluminum TJM on my 2005 F-250...pretty sure it is lighter than the factory bumper even though it is much bigger. I can carry it with one arm! Bought mine used, unfortunately it didn't come with the winch mounting setup (think its a steel setup that mounts behind the bumper)...