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  • Hey! awesome truck, I am looking to purchase a 2004 ext cab 4x4 to replace my 2005 Explorer XLT. what year is yours? are 2005+ Taco's better than 2003-2004? Any info would be awesome.
    Nice lookin' truck you got there Robert. I'm looking forward to the OME Lift Kit. I noticed you have on the 10mm lift enhancer also. You were talking about the "tacoma lean". I read a lot about it also. So the driver side leans a bit lower than the passenger side, am I correct? In your situation, if you have on the 10mm lift enhancer, would it help if you put on the 5mm trim packer on the passenger to even it out? Will the lift enhancer have any affect in the long run that I have to worry about, in other words, like what aftermarket spacer lift kits does to other people's truck? Let me know because I'm sort of new to this lift thing. Thanks.
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