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    Adventure Tool Company's (ATC) 4wd Provan Tiger adventures

    Formula Fords - 1.6L inline 4 cyl
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    SOLD: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

    I know the rig and the owner. Both are top shelf. If you are in the market it is worth checking out......Also, no wait for a factory ordered EC.
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    Trip with firearm
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    New camper build on F550

    Great looking build so far. Your toilet selection does not match up with the rest of your build. Check out Nature's Head.
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    Off-road Heavy Duty Casita Build

    Are all Casita's carpeted on the walls and ceilings?
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    2020 Overlander ERD 28' 4x4 Diesel Expedition Vehicle - $189000 (Longmont)

    Same construction as US RV makers utilize? Wood frame, glue, staples. Composite is the way to go.
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    2020 Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV) CAMP-X pop-up slide-in pickup camper

    Great camper, great company, and Fantastic write-up!! Well Done.
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    +100 on Nature's Head !!!
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    Flashlights advice

    Yes, it's not expensive but it is a helluva light. Massive output and throw. Everyone I have demo'd light to has bought one. And it uses an internal charger via USB. ************** Light
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    Dual sport suggestions

    KTM 350 XC-F and put a tail and headlight kit on it if you want to go the plated dirt bike route. Cycle Trader
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    Best "Composite" Pop-Up Manufacturer?

    Overland Explorer Video
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    Sold: Rigid D-Series Pro High/Low Amber Diffused

    They have no beam pattern
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    Downside to using residential solar panels (on top of a RTT)

    Where did you score your 305w panel from?
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    SPOT X vs garmin inreach mini?

    Spot - Globalstar Sat network. Sucks. Search for failed/no emergency response cases InReach - Iridium Sat network. It WORKS.