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    Am I just outdated?

    It seems age is a relative thing. My off-road rig is a 1968 Jeep CJ5. Bought it 18 years ago. Have rebuilt everything myself. Know it inside and out. My original intention was I wanted reliability and repairability on the trail and still is. It is very reliable, even so I carry 160 lbs of tools...
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    Eastern Sierras November 2017 Trip Report *Very Pic Heavy*

    In the 16th frame, next to the lake, I don't see a road anywhere. Do you guys just drive where ever?
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    Bed in a CJ?

    I only once even consider sleeping in my CJ5, then quickly dismissed the idea. However, I have on many occasions slept under it.
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    High Quality ground tent !

    Great tent. I have the 6-man with a vestibule. Yes, they are tough!
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    Jeep and the Computer

    I intentionally bought an older Jeep for the reliability. A 1968 CJ5. Besides being the iconic Jeep, over the 16 years I've owned it I've rebuilt everything myself. I keep the systems simple, like using a carburetor. It can be repaired on the trail if need be. I carry about 160 lbs of spare...
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    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    When overlanding in my old (1968) Jeep I use a single burner dual fuel stove. Makes sense as the fuel supply is relatively endless. I've got plenty of Coleman stuff in the garage.
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    12V car coffee pot for long trip?

    I used to have one and wore it out. The .5 L cigarette lighter variety. Worked great. I used when I started overland jeep trips years ago. Coffee , granola bar and go! And you can use it inside too. I fact we used to take it on road trips. My wife would boil water for making hot chocolate or...