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  • Hi Jamie, I am in the tear down now. I want to gut my van and start with a clean canvas. After 8 years of use I want to upgrade the while thing. As I already have 200K on the 7.3L I am debating if it is worth my time and $ to install 4x4. I too, will configure my van SMB like. As you mention, this will be a lighter and more economical version. Not to say it will look that way! Keep me posted on your build. Thanks- Boris
    I'm in the gathering stage myself for the interior, the plan is for the van to seat 6 (which it already does) and sleep 6 as well. I have a Norcold fridge, and a microwave, furnace, converter, etc. already but I'm coming up with a way to do the interior to help save tons of weight compared to a SMB. Where are you in your build?
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