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    The Patriot is getting some much needed love......Finally

    Well, the old pat has told me it's time to do some work on it. The Throttle body has failed causing it to go into limp mode. I cleaned it, but the damage was already done. Caused by a failed PCV valve letting oil into the intake and gumming up the TB. So she's in the shop now, waiting for...
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    Maintenance... Maintenance ..... Maintenance

    Agreed. I have new fluid sitting in my shop for the patriot. I need to get the dipstick so I can properly measure adding in. Sucks that there are no easy change filters. I lost a transmission in my Mazda 5 like that. They kept saying that it's a lifetime fluid. Me, being a mechanic, called...
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    2004 TJ rear lower control arms for 2" ome lift with factory style bushings?

    Well. New arms are ordered. We ordered another set of RC lower arms, but they have new rebuildable joints in them. See how they work. Also, we noticed the fronts are installed backwards with the JJs on the axle. This may cause handing screwyness correct?
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    2004 TJ rear lower control arms for 2" ome lift with factory style bushings?

    We are fixing up my friends awesome TJ extended length rig. His control arms are rough country with the crappy johnny joints. 2 are after wearing out already. He just wants stock style that are adjustable or made for the 2" of lift he has on his rig now. Any suggestions?
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    I am hoping the new electric has a 300 mile range, then I will forgo the 4xe altogether. Our gas prices shot up from 98 a liter to 1.50 in the span of a month and a half. The petrol companies are making up for the disastrous 2020 now. I call 2.00 a liter before summer hits. When the '********'...
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    Just Downsized to a Renegade (build and trips)

    Great work on the little renegade crossed up. I love little rigs. Our patriot is so much fun too!
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    AEV Job Opening

    Need one for Atlantic Canada? I will provide the jeep if you provide the gear! I am open to becoming a sales rep for Atlantic Canada and I have previous sales experience.
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    I would only purchase a 4xe now if I was buying a Rubicon.
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    Just responding to a dumb statement. I own a F150 as well. Love the truck but that statement I was responding to was silly.
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    Who would buy a 50k F150 seems like a 15k car to me.
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    It is awesome. We are hopfull that Jeep gives us a small 4xe vehicle to replace the patriot too. I don't want to move from the Jeep brand, but I am all in on plug in vehicles.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I always laugh at these kits putting spot lights etc into your fog light holes. One, spots down that low is not good, and two using spotlights in fog is not good. You are 100 percent correct in your description Kootenay regarding the usage of lights. Fogs are low a wide to give you a view of...
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    Lift is on!

    Your rig looks sick bud!
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    Lift is on!

    JK unlimited. My supplier has Rugged Ridge as well. they have a nice 1.75" spacer lift and pair that with B8 Bilstein resi's.
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    My 2004 LJ Unlimited's Journey and time for a refresh

    There is a CJ8 with a world cab in a town 30 mins from me. It's tucked away behind someones garage, but I am like an eagle driving through towns, and spot LOTS of old jeep'ness.