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    Spare wheel winch/lift/crane -ideas, please?

    What about an arm and one of these. . I use one to lift a Honda 70 Trike up behind the spare wheels on mine when we are on the beach. Dan.
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    Possible front end damage

    Removing or modifying (cutting them in half) the front bump stops can lead to the tailshaft hitting the sump when the axle articulates. They are your safety stop so that they never contact. Don't do it. Raising the front end suspension will make the front tailshaft too short - this can be...
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    Smoke from valve cover breather?

    At this stage I wouldn't worry too much about it as you are not doing enough running around and I would believe it is just condensation that is getting sucked into the motor when cooling after a short run. So yes it is steam being blown off. The only real way you will find out is by doing a days...
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    What is the top tool for a recovery situation? [Poll]

    I'd like to know the story behind this pic. Looks interesting. Dan.
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    FG Build Tire Size,,

    It is also caused by the rear wheels which are being driven spinning on the rocks on the road thus chipping pieces out so driving in 4WD on gravel roads will stop a lot of that wear and also give a lot better handling. We see a lot of this wear to the rear wheels on 2WD utes running around the...
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    One month expedition to Arctic swamps

    Now that is what I call a trip - AN Adventure. Love the river crossing - floating the Volvos over using air bags. Really great video, Dan.
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    Rethinking the need for a torsion-free subframe...

    Try looking in here. They are from a few years ago, I have a lot more footage that I need to post up when I finally get to it. Dan.
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    Shocks and corrugations - Remote reservoirs?

    Never trim the bump stops as it will cause you problems when you are offroad and you cross your axles up . The tail shaft has a fair chance of hitting the sump. And yes I have seen two Canters that have done this allready - not mine. I'm still running the Rancho 9000's that I originally fitted...
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    Rethinking the need for a torsion-free subframe...

    Then you haven't seen the videos of where I take my Canter. My steel tray is bolted to the chassis with angle iron plates, sitting on the chassis and only bolted on the sides. Four along each side - the front mounts are no longer bolted there as the flex has finally taken the bolts out but it...
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    Introduction post - aussie canter budget build

    Your basic camper is Great. Just one thing you should really have your bed at the rear because that is lighter than your storage setup. This would put your weight in front of the rear axle where it should be for a better ride and Canter loading reconmendation by manufacturer. Now it will make...
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    Australian Canter FG637 SWB GCM Question

    I don't know why you GCM is 6500kg as my FG 637 has a GCM of 7500kg. Maybe differance is year model as mine is a 2000 where you say yours is 1998. With your GVM downgraded your GCM stays the same as plated. As for an upgrade you would need to talk to an engineer as it will need a blue plate. Dan.
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    Halfmoon Creek, Colorado

    Can only agree -- Stunning--. Dan.
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    Four Wheeled Nomad: The Mega Transect in a Toyota Hilux from Norway to South Africa (Formerly Two Wheeled Nomad: Antarctica to the Arctic)

    Absolutely love the pictures of what seems like a very beautiful place. Enjoy your travel. Personally, I am finding that your writing is over-expressive. That's just me. It's your story. Dan.
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    Fuso FG 6 speed conversion?

    You Know :- While I was driving down the road today to get another load of sweet potatoes for the cows (yes we are still in the worst drought we have seen) if someone was to supply me with a six speed box, I would take a closer look and see if it is feasible to build a Hybrid out of the...
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    Drivetrain whine - FG434 + Entertaining Pics

    It would surprise me if it did. Warmer weather would make a bigger difference. Hotter air is less dense. The difference between driving on a hot day and a cool evening. Dan.