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    Drivetrain whine - FG434 + Entertaining Pics

    No trouble running the oil that you put in as that would be normal for transfer case. That is the grade that I would also run in the diffs. We drive in hotter climates than a lot of other places in the world. On colder mornings (as in the desert / probably Victoria High Country) I just start...
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    Drivetrain whine - FG434 + Entertaining Pics

    From what is visible to me it all looks good. Teeth meshing surfaces are what would be expected. Lets go to the diff. At what speed are we having the most pronounced noise on acceleration and deceleration. If it not too fast, "" I MAY "" remove rear tail shaft and rear axles an just drive on...
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    Drivetrain whine - FG434 + Entertaining Pics

    Yes you will need to drain the oil first. Okay if I am hearing it right from that short video - it certainly does sound like gear whine. This could be from a few different causes. The noise is from the meshing of the gears and could be from excess play in the bearings. It could have been run dry...
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    Drivetrain whine - FG434 + Entertaining Pics

    Why don't you crawl under and remove the side plate of the transfer case ( big flat plate 300 x 160mm and 11 bolts) and look inside your self. Grab yourself a largish screwdriver and you can lever the gears side ways and up and down and see what is going on. You will also be able to see if the...
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    Dry July - A Land Cruiser and a Range Rover go winter desert touring

    Another great write-up and love the pics . Dan.
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    show me your flex

    I just thought everyone here needs a reminder that flex is possible. Dan.
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    What would this sell for on the market?

    That's easy to overcome by fitting a turbo to it. Dan.
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    FG538 Super Singles in Canada

    Phone call was made and I talked to Alan. Hope it is all solved. Dan.
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    So I've joined the club, and now need some help!

    They will when you get the axles crossed up while traveling off road. Dan.
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    Morocco with an old car - March 2019

    Looks good, more of a story of the trip would be nice. Dan.
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    FG538 Super Singles in Canada

    I will attempt to make a couple of phone calls (to Alan) on Monday to help you sort this out. They look to be the standard nuts that are supplied with his wheels. I believe when Canter went after FG649 that they changed wheel bolt size to 20 mm before then my measuring stick (calipers) say they...
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    FG538 Super Singles in Canada

    I would get onto Earthcruiser in the States as I believe they are the agent for those wheels over there and should be able to help you. Email to Outback Accessories should have got you an answer. I would address it " Attention ALAN ". Dan.
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    How Big Can I Go?

    Canter converted to 6x6. Dan.
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    4WD Truck So Bogged!

    It's an Isuzu. Yea, I know not a good joke. Quick sand in parts of beaches is quite common. I can say that it probably hasn't been smashed on the rocks, the wave action is all that is needed to rip a vehicle apart. Dan.
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    Anyone repack their own wheel bearings?

    Do my own all the time. Don't really need special tools other than the spanner to undo the hub bearing nuts. "In a pinch" you can by using a hammer and punch. The job is easy to do but can be messy, That thread above shows a home made hub nut spanner similar to the one I made and use. Dan.