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    fuso random loss of power under load

    My manual says there is a gauze filter in the inlet line union on the primer pump. If not there then it would be worth removing all unions to have a look and blowing lines clean. On my Landcruiser I had a union that got blocked up. Same symptoms loss of power on the highway. Took me a while to...
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    Towing in 5th Gear ?

    Like "SkiFreak" says 5th is overdrive. I wouldn't tow heavy in 5th gear myself but saying that these are truck boxes and heavier than your little duel cab. They are also known in some circles to have problems with these boxes Mainly 2wd tippers, but same box no transfer. Yes, Stu if he is around...
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    (FIXED) Canter FG649 (2003) clutch pedal is free

    Not necessarily as there is a rubber to stop leaks and a rubber to make it all work. Dan.
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    Around Europe/ Asia in a Shorty

    That certainly is some beautiful country. Keep the pics coming. Dan.
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    (FIXED) Canter FG649 (2003) clutch pedal is free

    Sounds to me that the "rubber" seals (probably not rubber any more) are buggered in the master cylinder. So, Yes it will need to be removed and have a new seal kit fitted. Hard to get too, Yes somewhat. I've taken them out without removing the dash gauges and taken the dash out (maybe slightly...
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    Fuso won't start or run.

    Yes, from my end we are back to guessing (well not really). Injector pump is done - injectors are next as it all fits together and has to be right as one effects the other. If your injectors are leaking (which they can) fuel will be forced into the cylinder at the wrong time and not burning...
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    Fuso won't start or run.

    Glad to help and great that it is going. Now is the smoke gone or are we still at stage one. Dan.
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    Fuso won't start or run.

    If you didn't changed the gear positions when you took the pump of, then they won't be any different now and it should still run. Even if is as before and blowing white smoke. Okay lets go. I take it you know where your timing marks are on the engine. Remove tappet cover and number one...
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    Can't remove air filter

    Usually, yes it takes a good pull/twist to get it to move but generally they come out. No tricks. Dan.
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    Fuso won't start or run.

    Maybe / could be, something as simple as timing of the injector pump. The pump sounds like it is working if the injectors are spraying fuel so I would be checking that timing is right. Dan.
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    Repairs to cracked steel rims

    I have welded rims numerous times and there is probably not a right way or wrong way other than using the right welding rods. If they are a rim repair mob than they will know what is best. I will say that they are probably cracking from fatigue (rim is flexing). Rim blanks were not heavy...
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    DIY Expedition Camper on a 2020 Mitsubishi Fuso EarthCruiser CORE Chassis

    My situation would have been it would have gone back to them and not even driven home if the fault happened before I left town that is for certain. It's a new Vehicle not one with FAULTS on leaving their yard. Not good. Dan.
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    Overland through Niger, Chad, Central African Republic

    Love the pictures and report as is. It was very enjoyable. Aerial pictures give prospective of the country and were enjoyed. Dan.
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    4d34 and 4d33 Mitsubishi engine Thread starter Chriswarren Start date Yesterday at 5:15 PM

    Australian 4D33 are cable as I would believe are 4D34 here. Drive by wire was only done on computerized as far as I know so maybe 4D34T here may be as well. Dan.
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    4d34 and 4d33 Mitsubishi engine Thread starter Chriswarren Start date Yesterday at 5:15 PM

    But short answer is yes I do believe that you could put a 4D33 in and all the wiring should fit right up. Saying this I have not done it but my belief is so. You could run a turbo 4D34 if that was available complete (non-computerized). You would need the exhaust down pipe as well. Dan.