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    Using an NMO-Style Antenna for CB

    When you take your NMO antenna off for the car wash, put on a fairly inexpensive NMO CAP to protect the mount from water. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Text Anywhere satellite messaging

    I've had one of these on my desk for the past three months waiting to be tested. I'll try and get around to it next week. My initial impression was that it is quite large and bulky and doesn't seem to be waterproof. I do however like the idea of being able to message two-way. The one-way...
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    August's 06 Xterra Build

    Thanks! It is mildly lifted though. A 2" lift gives it a very subtle stance and not really noticeable unless I park next to a stock one.
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    August's 06 Xterra Build

    Unfortunately I don't.
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    Smok'in Deal on GlobalStar Sat. Phones

    We have Globalstar and Iridium phones at my work and I can tell you that Globalstar is making a come back. They have successfully launched 18 of their 24 new second generation satellites. Over the past few months, I have noticed an improvement in the service (shorter acquisition times, fewer...
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    HAM Mobile: Rig Radios, vehicle mounting set ups, and relevant equipment

    Icom IC-2720 head unit mounted above rearview mirror (ScanGaugeII mounted below) Icom IC-2720 mounted in passenger-side rear cargo pocket Larsen NMO2/70 antenna mounted on driverside fender Globalstar GSP1600/GCK1410 Satellite Phone (antenna on roof) Future plans... -install left and...
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    Great White North

    Great trip and photos! Could you have continued on to Fort Good Hope and Colville Lake?
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    Globalstar Sat Phones?

    Yeah, the GSP-1600 would be a rather large (and heavy) CDMA phone but I have used it as such in northern BC towns where there is no Rogers GSM coverage. I'm almost 100% certain that AMPS (analog) has been discontinued everywhere in Canada. Perhaps there are a few pockets of AMPS coverage is...
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    Globalstar Sat Phones?

    It doesn't work well under tree cover or in narrow valleys. So given ideal conditions, 50% of the time seems about right. I can usually get a decent signal within 5-15 minutes and sustain calls for 1-5 minutes. I have an Iridium phone for work too but it is much more expensive to buy and...
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    Globalstar Sat Phones?

    I've had my Globalstar phone for about 5 years now. The service definitely went down hill a few years ago, but in my opinion the service has been restored noticeably in the last year. I am using a GSP-1600 with a GPK-1400 car kit. The cradle is next to me in the truck so I can see how often and...
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    Door Keypads

    Well, since this is in the Nissan forum, here's the wireless keypad that will work with many Nissans such as the 05-08 Xterra:
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    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Here are the latest photos with my new 255/85 KM2s.
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    August's 06 Xterra Build

    I found the clipart off and had my friend do them up at his sign shop in vinyl.
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    August's 06 Xterra Build

    My sleeping platform and storage project is 99% complete. I built the platform around my Akro-Mils Attached Lid Containers (model 39-085 21-1/2" x 15" x 9" $19.40 at Fastenal). The platform is 3/4" plywood pine and has an inside height of 10-3/4" to clear three of these containers (2 deep...