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    Everlanders Build - F550 Composite Overlander

    Your water system: are your tanks hoselined in series and pressurized from the end-most, or from a central rail? I just received my kegs and looking to parallel your setup (tho I want to stack the kegs, and use my 2.5gal as a holding tank for filtered water under the sink). What air compressors...
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    I want to paint the plastic body panels..

    NOTE: Wraps will also attract dirt, electrostatically
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    mods you wouldnt do again ...

    Not a mod-regret but a mode: Convincing myself that ONE vehicle could do it ALL, then spending [black hole of interwebs time] “self-educating,” speculating, redesigning— in iterations that precluded my original goal: GetOutThere. #betteristheenemyofgood #dontoverthinkthis GREAT AND HELPFUL...
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    4x4 Ambo Conversion Opinions

    And for more than casual trails (4x4 is a done-deal), go for a TypeII or TypeIII narrow body minimod ambu. A *full-size box is nearly 8’ wide(!) —and thus a tree-magnet. Tho there *are narrow-bodied TypeI ambus out there, those’re as rare as a jihadi’s promised maiden. An attractive...
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    Kaiju the 4x4 ambulance build

    Ya, sounds nice, if beyond most that are DIY adapting. Like to see that undercarriage, tho; Gulfstream historically did a quality build.
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    4x4 Ambo Conversion Opinions

    BTW, prices have been going up since ambu conversion became a Thing —-(or issit?) Remember: you’ll either see $60k+ (Unit for duty), 20k+ (unit may be back on-duty in the provences), 12k+ (c’mon, its only 8 years old, even if it has 500k miles), or 5k+ (Either: get this POS off my lot or I’ll...
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    4x4 Ambo Conversion Opinions

    As others have said, TheBuild is at least as much fun as using it, and with prudence/patience it can be done at a fraction of the bigboy$ price. Research is crucial, if varied. *I can’t speak to drivetrain conversion, as mine is factory. Yes, there ARE factory 4xAmbus out there; how much...
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    From Freightliner ambulance to RV - we hope!

    BTW, found some sail channel amidst my metal scrap and am now thinking the removable awning is best— and my underwriter would agree with you. (Maybe put a retractable on the rear.) Gotta love this thread and those like it. Thanks for your time doing it!
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    From Freightliner ambulance to RV - we hope!

    Thanks, you two— will look at McM. The cam-riding wheel on a discarded valve lifter would work, but it’d be GeorgiaClay red in a few days. 😉
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    From Freightliner ambulance to RV - we hope!

    @ozrockat Any idea where you got those rollers? *Where does one find a decent tank? Wish I could have a stainless one built, but $$
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    Need some ideas on house battery for a 2 Battery Ford 6.0l Diesel
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    D.O.A - 89 Chevy Ambo Build

    Sorry to miss the pics on this fine thread and build. I’d have lots to learn here. Are they posted elsewhere? Or...? Just starting a build (finally) here.
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    Ambulance Camper/ Expedition Rig Conversion FAQ

    @Michics , what's your status? Ford 7.3L is strong, at least the later yrs, parts are common. Overall, headroom is not *really a problem (I'm 6'2", GF is 6', my module is 5'7"), but ask me again in a year.... Selling feature: cut a footwell box into the floor (at the stove)-- even if its only...
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    Wiring diagram for 92 e350 type 3 wheeled coach ambulance

    If no answer from request to module OEM, try again --and again-- says my mechtech, who works on regional ambu's. "They only respond to perseverence"...
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    Midwest Overlanders - 1991 F350 Type 1 "Ambo" build

    Bump ambu thread for results! Subscribed! Very good condition. Looks like the EMS just went off-duty for coffee! Keep posting!