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    1st Gen Tundra vs. 80 Series Land Cruiser

    You would likely get a good deal on your dads' 2006 Tundra. 80 series? Over priced gas pigs prone to HG failures. A no brainer in my opinion. Actually, I'd just keep the '94 pickup but I guess you're not considering that as an option.
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    (Another) Hardbody Overland Build

    Got a photo of that? I'm also curious about the Moog problem solver components that SevenFaux referred to. My '95 has just a bit over 100K miles on it now. Suspension and steering has held up fairly well, but I just run stock size tires.
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    Hdj81 fair price

    Seems high for Alaska market, if that's where it's at.
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    "K2" Expedition Overland Build

    Where are you located? Lets see some pics, weather be damned.
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    Should it stay or should it go?

    I can't imagine travelling comfortably with two huge, smelly dogs in the cabin with me. My advice is to get a moderately sized pickup and pitch a tent to camp in.
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    Time for a change?

    You've fixed the big ticket items so no point in dumping money into an engine swap. Sounds like you're tired of it and it's time to just move into something else. I don't have a problem with slow and would keep it.
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    1985 Pickup Shackle Help

    For a daily driver and road trip truck I don't understand the urgency in lifting it. Or lifting it at all, for that matter. Will you be carrying a lot of weight in the rear? If the sag isn't bad and you don't have plans for a great deal of weight remember that more leaves/stiffer springs...
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    1985 Pickup Shackle Help

    One thing to consider is how much your springs are currently sagging. I bought 1 1/2 to 2 inch lift shackles for my TLC and they probably provided 1" at most over actual stock ride height with no adverse effects over many years. is where I'd...
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    Should I buy a RJ70 Gasoline Land Cruiser

    I would. That thing is way cool and the price is quite affordable.
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    Old's Cool

    Just noticed you're only considering a minor downsize-that probably won't do much. Truck is lifted a bit, right? That's a MPG loser too. Hey, I seem to recall warning you! ;)
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    Old's Cool

    Truck with stock size tires should get 16-18 mpg. At least, that's what my 3.0 auto tranny 4Runner with 160K miles gets. So yes, lighter wheels and smaller tires should make a noticeable difference.
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    Does anyone drive a LJ77?

    Go to IH8MUD for the most info on the 70 series LC. They have a sub forum specifically for these. I gather that the L engine is pretty much a dog with not much HP or torque for a heavy wagon. Some of them have a bad rep for blowing up too.
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    Clutch’s deep thoughts thread...

    Offset or backspacing? You can calculate either with a tape measure. RE: Nissan vs. Toyota, probably a rare exception but I actually preferred my hardbody truck to my Toyota, '95 vs. '92.
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    Project daily driver 1991 4Runner

    What rear bumper are you using, and what prompts the desire for a PS cooler?