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    FJ Cruiser or Tacoma for Touring

    Yes, the bigger rear end began in 2010. Guess they decided the FJ was too heavy for staying with the 8". Friend of mine says it's a weak spot in this model. But then, he's a LC purist and doesn't like them. On that subject, IMO FJ is more similar structurally/mechanically to a 4Runner than a...
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    FJ Cruiser or Tacoma for Touring

    Did you fix the warning light/tranny issue?
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    older LC or newer 4Runner?

    What came to mind for me with older LC was FZJ80 or UZJ100. I'd take either of those over any 4Runner, not that there's anything wrong with 4Runners. LC way cooler and most certainly has a greater degree of overbuilt to it. GX 460 probably the most practical, quality choice unless you've...
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    Old's Cool

    My 1990 4Runner. Originally from NM and then Seattle area, has been in Hawaii under my ownership for 19 years now. Good rig for the rough, unpaved subdivision roads. The suspension has held up, it has not become a "rattle trap" as many vehicles in the area do. Granted, it's only used...
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    2003 Land Cruiser 100 Series Build & Adventure Thread

    Nice photos and write up. That's really clean gear oil draining!
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    Hole on top of hatch fj80

    Perhaps a wind deflector mounting site? Yeah, just plug it if the right size. 3/4" is standard antenna delete.
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    this is the one

    For the current price I'd happily take it.
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    100 Series Buying Advice

    Hard to say. Be sure to check out this long thread at IH8MUD.
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    1996 LX450 "Rex" Build

    Nice looking 80. 3 questions for ya. Why did you need new main tank, where does 42 gallon aux tank fit underneath and how does it ride with the lift?
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    Why no FJ55 registry?

    Go to IH8MUD to find lotsa love for the Iron Pig. I used to want one, came within an inability to get a hotel room from buying one in Idaho about 5 years ago. It was a "rare deal" by today's standards. They are way cool, for sure. No regrets though. Now I want an 80, but just refuse to pay...
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    What would you go for? A 60 or a 100 series?

    The back seat does fold down in a 60 and it should have head rests. US models do. Show us some photos of the vehicles you're looking at. If starting from scratch I would go with the 100. Advantages of 60 are just that they look cooler and are easier to work on. I've had the EFI 60 series...
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    2nd Gen 4Runner

    I've had a '90 for 17 years. It doesn't see a lot of miles (about 160K now) since it's a vacation home rig but it's always been dependable. 3.0 and auto. Most attractive 4Runner body style of them all, IMO.
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    Just building my 200 Series.

    Very nice rig. A stock 200 series with no mods would work fine for me. :) Can't drive to Alaska this year, unfortunately.
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    1989 LC FJ62 Current value??

    Need more info on condition of body and frame, plus photos!
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    Switched the Ford Escape for an FJ62 LandCruiser

    Good job on the C channel project. Frame doesn't really look bad at all. Body needs some help though.