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    Total newb needing some Sat phone basics help.

    If you don't mind taking your life into your own hands, it's possible to service an ACR PLB for about $40. There are Youtube videos on doing this, and a few people who sell aftermarket packs on eBay. The cells are CR-123T (solder tabbed) cells) that are available online. The PLB has the...
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    Vehicle Use when Volunteer

    In California, you are covered for bodily injury or death by the state compensation fund, assuming you are registered as a Disaster Service Worker on a SAR mission or training...
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    How is this for a power system? Solar vs battery balance?

    Keep in mind that a 12V system is marginal for actually powering a 2KW inverter at full load. It might work with Lithium batteries if they are rated for 1-2C or greater discharge and you keep the cables short and large gauge. I can say that my twin L16s in series will definitely drop below the...
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    Arb awning for 6.5 flip pac

    Right here:
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    1st Gen Tundra Flippac - Novice Build Advice

    I've seen Honda trail bikes parked in the center aisle of a camper. And turning handlebars 90 degrees is how most folding bikes are stowed on trains in Asia.
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    Flippac build-out

    They do still show up. It's too bad production couldn't have simply restarted with the tooling from FRP.
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    1st Gen Tundra Flippac - Novice Build Advice

    Here is my build thread from a couple of years ago. I have a T100 (same bed as your Tundra) and a Flippac. I designed a lightweight interior from thin-wall 1/2" square steel tubing and 1/2" plywood. There is a full-length bench seat/storage chest and drawers+crates on the right. I left a 30"...
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    WTB 1st gen Tundra

    That truck is in my opinion, the perfect size for a family/couple's off-road vehicle. You can sleep in the 6.5' bed comfortably and still park it, unlike the GEN2 Tundra. Given the prices y'all are reporting, I don't feel too bad for buying a clean T100 and rebuilding the motor.
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    Increasing Tacoma Payload Capacity?

    If you think your T100 is getting too tired and in need of work, consider going with a GEN1 (2008 or before) Tundra. It's basically the same truck with a V8 and a third door. At up to 10 years newer, it will be a lot easier to find one in acceptable condition.
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    New hinge kits for your FlipPac will be available shortly from Sway-A-Way

    FYI, you could probably weld a piece of scrap to the broken hinge to get it out next time.
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    Not quite SAR

    Here's the one for SoCal: And they have an SOS page which gets an amazing response: Arclight
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    Groot the Explorer T100

    I would still consider the topside paint. I restored the fiberglass on my 1978 Bronco, and it looked almost factory. Plus you can always sell white shell. Arclight
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    Recommendations needed for battery cable connectors between truck and camper

    If you need something skinnier than an Anderson Power Pole, you might want to visit your local welding shop. They have single-pole connectors for wire 4 gauge and up. Arclight
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    Groot the Explorer T100

    If you don't mind white, visit a West Marine or similar store and get their 2-part topside paint. You can apply it with a sprayer or an extra-fine foam roller, and it looks pretty good. It's a special paint used for painting the fiberglass on boats that is above the water line. Just prep it...
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    Groot the Explorer T100

    I'd get the center console. It's a pretty snug fit with the seats. I'd also pick up any AC vents, interior and dashboard trim and other small items you might be missing. The cup holder in the dashboard is also prone to breakage. Arclight