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    ARB Skydome Swag Series

    We just got them in, we will try and get some over to our team at our East Coast location to be displayed at the show.
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    JK expedition springs

    Our 4" kit is rated for approx 4" of lift. Obviously, this will be dependent on how the vehicle is outfitted and loaded. We also offer a heavier rear 4" spring that is rated for about 660lbs of constant load for the Jeeps that are loaded for expedition use. Differences in spring specs: 2643...
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    ARB Skydome Swag Series

    They're Back! Well, it's been a long time coming. As some of you know, we had to halt the sales of our Roof Top Tents, Awnings and the newly released SkyDome swags at the time due to fire retardant requirements in Canada and in a few of the lower 48 states. The material used in the ARB Roof...
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    ARB vs TEPUI Awnings - which is better?

    What email address are you using? We have a fully staffed customer service, sales and tech department here 8AM-5PM PST Monday-Friday. Someone should have replied to your email.
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    ARB fogs have me in the fog.

    All the bulbs in our fog lights are replaceable. Takes a spaded H3 55w bulb.
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    ARB fridge plug

    The new style or current style plug now has the option to thread into our optional socket (see above). Updated power cord is part number 10910076. ARB Fridge Harness, includes everything to hardwire the fridge to your battery, including the threaded female socket - 10900027. You can order these...
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    2016 taco arb bumper sneak peek on their facebook page

    Good catch. Was wondering if someone would catch that. One of the Safari Snorkel engineers showed up at the show with a snorkel body to install and stir up some interest from our dealers.
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    2016 taco arb bumper sneak peek on their facebook page

    We are in the final ride evaluation stages of the the BP-51 suspension for the 2005-16 Toyota Tacoma. We also wanted to confirm that nothing had changed with the 2016 model Tacoma. We are hoping to have the first batch available early 2016.
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    2016 taco arb bumper sneak peek on their facebook page

    More photos and information can be found on our blog post -
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    2016 taco arb bumper sneak peek on their facebook page

    We will be posting full vehicle photos on our Facebook page this Monday to kick off our SEMA coverage. We will also post a few photos on this thread.
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    An ARB Air Locker Is Born

    Ever wondered how a genuine ARB Air Locker is manufactured? Wonder no more as we take you for a ride during the ARB Air Locker manufacturing process starting with the cast to the final testing and boxing all done in our factory in Australia. To learn more about ARB Air Lockers, please visit...
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    ARB Fridge/Freezer Promotion

    ARB Fridge Freezers are the ideal way to keep your food and beverages chilled or frozen on your 4×4 adventures. Buy one now and qualify for a free new accessory for these remarkable Fridge Freezers through August 15th, 2015. ARB has recently introduced a new Remote Fridge Monitor that utilizes...
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    Free ARB Air Compressors!

    LOCK IN & AIR UP - ARB AIR LOCKER & AIR COMPRESSOR PROMOTION Starting today through June 15th, 2015, buy one ARB Air Locker and receive one ARB Compact Air Compressor (CKSA12) for FREE or buy two ARB Air Lockers and receive one ARB Medium Air Compressor (CKMA12) for FREE! For details, please...
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    ARB Fridge/Freezer Cash Rebate!

    Tired of buying ice? Tired of soggy food in the bottom of your cooler due to the melting ice? Now is the time to buy an ARB Fridge/Freezer! From now through September 30th, 2014 receive up to a $75 cash rebate on an ARB Fridge/Freezer purchase! - 37 Qt. - $50 Rebate - 50 Qt. - $50 Rebate -...
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    New ARB 2011+ Ford Super Duty F250 & F350 Modular Winch Bar System

    Sorry no, the 8274 is very undersized for a full size truck such as the Ford 250/350. This new bumper is designed around the Warn 12000, 15000 & 16.5 winches.