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    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    great work as usual. Will the box not cast shade on the solar panel though massively reducing its efficiency?
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    Looks like it could be pencil/marker marks for where to bend
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    Excellent progress, really enjoyed your build/thread. Good luck in the test drive
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    Pro-Rig V2.0 - Home Built Compact Composite Pop-up

    I used the same voltage regulator to permanently dim my bedroom light, works well. Interested to see what your heating solution is. Mine (although not plumbed in yet), is a spur off the diesel water heater coolant line with a thermostatic valve in the battery space. Problem is it will only work...
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    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    CCGX is great, well worth the money. Have you got victron solar controller too? One thing I have noticed ( I have the BMV 702, CCGX, easy solar), is that the BMW battery SOC is wildly different to the lithium BMS (123SmartBMS). The BMS SOC is usually around 15% lower SOC than the victron. Cant...
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    Saurer 2dm 1968 Expeditionmobile build

    Stunning work. One observation, I have a ship bought surecal calorifier which for all intents and purposes is the same as yours. However, the biggest difference is the insulation around mine. It means the tank stays hot for 48h or more. Definitely worth thinking about wrapping yours in some...
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    Jim the Truck - a mercedes 1823

    Sad news, any plans for another build...something smaller?
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    Probably one of the most interesting threads on the portal at the moment. Are you an electrical engineer by trade? If not your knowlegde in this field is very impressive!
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    Merkabah: MB 2626 AK 6x6 tipper to expedition truck conversion

    Wow, that is big news! To those not following the thread, they may not get it. But congratulations! So the habitation build is close now?
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    1317AK LN2 Mercedes-Benz MB + Zeppelin FMii shelter

    Hi siegerland, Where did you get your LED down lighters from?
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Thanks for posting the updates. I keep checking back on this build, good to see it coming along
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    A new vario project

    Are you still running 24v? So that’ll be 200ah of capacity. What’s BMS and charging system are you going to run?
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    A new vario project

    Hi, I got them from who were great to deal with. Based in Eastern Europe, so no import taxes and shipping was reasonable at 90 euros. The cells are easy to link, and the SmartBMS can manage 8. Have you considered changing to 12v system and consumers? I know the truck uses 24v, but...
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    A new vario project

    We’re putting in 400ah of winston lithium’s with Victron chargers/inverter, and SmartBMS 123. If I had the cash I would have gone Victron everything, but this way worked out much cheaper.