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    Colorado / Canyon bent frame

    Granted I haven’t worked for GM in almost 20 years, has the control modules changed to the point they record everything all the time? In my time they were only recording data when a DTC was set...
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    Water storage

    Watch those reviews on amazon, you’ll find many people aren’t getting the military version that’s in the picture. I got mine from Lexington container company. Would suggest only buying from an authorized retailer
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    Charging Duracell AGM with Victron Smartsolar

    Well, my charge controller is inside the van and my batteries are underneath the van where the spare tire was previously. I’m sure interior temps in the closed van can easily be at least 20 degrees difference, which is why I chose the remote sensor.
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    Help with 2m/70cm HT setup in van

    Thanks for the advice, but I already went with the SBB5NMO antenna. Wont be doing too much offroading this year in the van. Headed out to Colorado in about 2 weeks but going with another friend who only has a 2 wheel drive stock van, so ill have to compromise on campsites. Although, we are both...
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    Charging Duracell AGM with Victron Smartsolar

    I have the smart battery sense module
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    Charging Duracell AGM with Victron Smartsolar

    Ok, I think I found the answer to this on Victron's website. It looks like this is the baseline for temperature compensation, which I guess would be the starting point where the "absorption voltage" input is compensated from. Wish they would make this information easier to find...
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    Charging Duracell AGM with Victron Smartsolar

    Yep, this is what I was looking for. Now, based on what im reading.... Should 14.6v be max at 68°F or 14.6 should be maximum ever? The top chart says the AGM can do max 14.75 up to 70°F, but only 14.6v at 68°F? and then going to the Victron Connect app... I can enter absorption voltage to be...
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    Charging Duracell AGM with Victron Smartsolar

    Searched a bunch and cant find the specifics for my Battery. Duracell "Ultra Platinum" Deep cycle Group 31M 105ah battery bought from batteries plus. Found these to be made by Eastern Penn but cant find any specifics on them to set up my Victron 100/50 SmartSolar MPPT charger. Looking for...
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    UJOR Build Thread

    What gear ratio is in Dougs VTV10?
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    Another Van Build... E350 V10 4x4 conversion

    Came home from lunch to find a broken bolt on the ground near my right front tire... Found the other half still hanging in there. Not happy to have this happen (11 days before vacation), but am thankful it happened in my driveway and that I already have the replacement on the shelf in the garage.
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    Teardrop #4

    Not rocket science but definitely a skill.. one which I don’t have lol In my limited use of playing with glass, my epoxy mix started hardening way too fast, uneven application, snagging threads with the fiberglass.... the guy in the video makes it look easy.
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    Does a 12 x 15 tent Need a Camping AC?

    Cracking a window likely worked against you. Condensation forms on the warm side. Think of an ice cold glass of water on a hot day, water forms on the outside. An air conditioner is also a dehumidifier, taking water out of the air. In cold temperatures? yea, crack the window, your hot breathe...
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    Does a 12 x 15 tent Need a Camping AC?

    I see you’re also in South Florida. What was the heat index today? Like 105? Even at midnight tonight it will be in the low 80s with 80% humidity. I can’t sleep in this crap without ac, even with a fan, and I work outside...
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    Climateright - Buyer Beware

    The owner manual is actually on that page in pdf form... screenshot
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    Climateright - Buyer Beware

    I had my $5000 home ac break after a year, a module in the variable speed condenser fan stopped working. Although the fan was under warranty, the labor wasn’t... sorry to say your story sounds typical of just about any ac unit in existence. Mobile or stationary...