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    2nd gen taco All Pro vs. Dakar...

    I carry about 350 lbs of constant load when DDing my 2nd gen and that goes way up when camping. I was going to go with All Pro Expos but all the recent drama turned me off so I run EL096R. Both were "+" marked. They gave me a solid 4 inches of lift with that extra weight. I've had the truck...
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    Truck for my son?

    On the contrary I'm 6'2" and I sleep in my 6' bed Tacoma extremely comfortably and on a regular basis. A slight diagonal is all you need and that's assuming you stretch out. I usually sleep with a slight bend in my legs and it's a non issue even with somebody back there with me. OP: You can...
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    Is there a bad year for the 4 runner

    I would if I wasn't towing. The 2TR is indestructible.
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    2004 tacoma with 100k miles

    Great price if it's a 4x4. But I'm guessing it's not because if it was it would have sold before you had a chance to make this post.
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    Just picked up a GX470 looking for build advice

    My recommendations: 1. Catch up on maintenance to get it in good shape 2. Good stock sized all terrain tires, even regular forest roads and do a number on tires. I prefer 5 matching tires on 5 matching rims with a 5 tire rotation every 5k miles. Ensures your spare is always equal in quality to...
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    How important is GVWR?

    Is it technically okay to bring your Tacoma over GVWR? No. What's the problem? Well it's been discussed already, mainly suspension and brakes (legal issues notwithstanding). My $0.02: Keep in mind that the vehicle is rated to tow a certain amount, without trailer brakes, while at GVWR. This...
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    255/85R16 ST/Maxx dilemma

    Although I do wish they came in load C, I will be buying another set when my current wears out. I beat the piss out of them on the trail and they're amazing.
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    255/85R16 ST/Maxx dilemma

    OP here is one of my ST maxx tires after 23,000 miles, about 6,000 miles on each corner of my 4x4 Tacoma. I daily drive them and also air them down and hammer them with the logging debris littered trails of the Coast Ranges and sharp rocks of the Sierras. They are wearing absolutely perfectly...
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    Leer cap question

    Just curious did the shell come off a regular cab Tacoma?
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    brand new Toyota 4Runner Towing a m101a1 with a rtt

    The thought of needing a transmission cooler wouldn't even cross my mind towing 2200 with that beast. You'd need to know: what is normal transmission temperature, how much does it change when towing heavy loads, how much deviation from normal can the transmission take without significantly...
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    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    Anybody who's used any of the methods in this thread, did you run your 4 AWG wire from the vehicles alternator directly the solenoid? As the diagrams are drawn there is additional load (charging two batteries instead of one) on the factory wiring from alternator to the batts. Not sure if this...
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    Thought you guys might like to see how I shoehorned a UPG 75 Ah battery under the hood of my 2008 Tacoma

    Ok, thanks for the suggestions. In the meantime I will add additional vibration support to the harness, replace the bolt with stainless, add terminal grease, check it frequently, and take another look at full cable replacement. I did look into it to begin with actually, but FWIW the reason I...
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    Talk me out of the TRD Pro

    Okay: The price difference from a base model or SR5 Tacoma to TRD Pro is enough to make that SR5 twice as capable as any Pro could hope to be
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    Thought you guys might like to see how I shoehorned a UPG 75 Ah battery under the hood of my 2008 Tacoma

    What do you propose will happen? I understand that resistance in series is additive, but I have a hard time believe that the additional resistance I've created through that connection significantly adds to the existing resistance through the entire wire and the connections on both ends of it...
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    Thought you guys might like to see how I shoehorned a UPG 75 Ah battery under the hood of my 2008 Tacoma

    I knew going into this that the ATO dual battery tray was designed for two Optimas which are smaller than the batteries I intended to use. I figured the tray would still be a good starting point and it was. My Interstate starting battery (stock group 24 for the 4 cylinder) was still good and I...