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  • Hi Andrew, Joe here. I met you at LSU church. I found you on facebook also. My email is rthanson3@gmail. I am new to expeditions, but not camping. This is something I am really interested in doing, and I would love to know when you are going again and what you suggest reading. Thanks in advance for any info and it was good to meet you.

    Good deal, do you have a trailer with a RTT? I saw a really clean set-up a few weeks back on Indiana and Arlington, didn't have a chance to give a thumbs up and was in my wife's car. Are you in Riverside?
    Sorry for the tardy response, haven't been on the site for a while. Sounds like my neck of the woods since I work on University Avenue. Was it a Defender 90 or a Land Cruiser FJ62?


    I think I saw you the other week driving south on 14th street, I was in a Jeep and gave your rig a thumbs up. Was that you?
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