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    MSA Drawer systems available in the USA?

    I just picked up an MSA fridge drop slide from they seem like the only dealer I've found that imports MSA products. Their office is in Prescott, AZ and my order got shipped same day when I ordered in the morning.
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    King / Fox shocks, where is the best source for custom valving?

    When I used to have my desert racing truck I would buy my shims from Down South Motorsports in California. They will do custom valving for you if you don't want to take them apart yourself. Really fair rate over there and where I send my current set-up for a rebuild...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Looks like Monoprice is selling a copy of the snowpeak fireplace with grill for $118 I love my snowpeak one.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Just a heads up. is doing a 30% back sale and they have a ton of the Snowpeak gear in stock with 2 day shipping free. Just got $90 back on a few things that I picked up from them
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    What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?

    Most of the time I'm using an Aeropress when I camp and when I backpack I just take Starbucks Via packets. Sometimes I get fancy and bring out the full manual Espresso setup.
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    Post your tents

    Howling Moon 1.4 Stargazer Touring
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    Coffee pot

    Couldn't find a coffee thread but thought you guys would think these were pretty cool. For the last two days I have been working on two pourover coffee stands That are turning out pretty good. They need some work still. Hoping to have them finished Sunday.
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    ARB fridge question

    I thought I was crazy and the only one who's fridge was running warmer. Bought one a few weeks ago and was wondering why it was off.
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    **Tepui Expedition Series Gear Bags**

    I am pretty sure these bags are the same fabric as The North Face Base Camp duffels which come in like 10 or more colors if that is a problem for people. I have one and love it! Can for sure go anywhere. The boxy bag has a nice inside on these Tepui bags compared to my TNF duffel...
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    Roll call on Expo Portal FJ Cruisers....

    Thanks, they are getting powder coated here in the next few weeks. They are going to be a matte dark gun metal grey and all the bolts black. I actually have a build thread on TW in the FJ section. The Tacoma got sold to a guy in his early 20s and he beats the crap out of it and broke it the...
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    Roll call on Expo Portal FJ Cruisers....

    Thank you! I joined up there the day I picked it up :D I've been a long time member of the Tacoma forum so the transition wasn't too bad over there haha As far as spending money I think I have that covered. Spent $1k on a full set a skids last week and Sierra Expeditions is only a 15 mins from...
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    Roll call on Expo Portal FJ Cruisers....

    1. 2011 2. Off-Road Package 3. Purchase date October 31st 2014 4. Purchase Mileage 65k. 5. Build strategy - Simple Semi sleeper off-road rig. I had a Tacoma built for high speed desert and I wanted to start slowing down and enjoying the view when I am out. Picked this up 2 weeks ago mostly built...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Picked up my first Snowpeak item yesterday. Bought a gigapower stove. Awesome little stove. Way better then me last
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    Dutch Oven Carnitas Tacos!

    Thanks for the recipe and great video!
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    Lamin-x yellow on Hella 500s

    Something you can use thats cheap and easy to tint lights is Stained glass spray paint. You can buy it at the craft store for about $10. I think I have done around 6 lights and still had spray left. Here are my lights and this after 2 years in the sun everyday.