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    Onboard Water Logistics

    I made 1 stainless tank after that mistake I've always gone with plastic. Stainless needs to be passivated after welding but the inside of the tank cannot be inspected to ensure it is 100% effective.
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    Dual Voltage Power System?

    Take a look at Victron Energy they have several inverter - inverter/chargers that will supply 110V or 220V if 2 units are linked together. We are using a single Multiplus for 110V and didn't add a 2nd because we use propane for heat, fridge and cooking. The multi is wired in series with the...
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    Camp rug?

    We've been using interlocking EVA foam tiles for 4 years. These don't absorb water. The surface can be slippery but the smooth surface makes sweeping the water/crud off a breeze. Our mat is 3 tiles wide by 6 tiles long. The 3 wide tiles are duct taped together.
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    Stainless steel snorkel

    I've worked with aluminum for many years. Aluminum Oxide is similar to Iron (rust) Oxide on steel. Once either oxide builds up it comes off.
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    Stainless steel snorkel

    Welded stainless needed to be passivated. After time bare aluminum will oxidize inside which you don't want in the engine so the aluminum needs to be anodized...
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    Steel vs Alumninium

    Point loading happens when there isn't enough internal structure to support the hull plate for a given speed and weight. For this reason cracking happens alot. Recreational (production line) boats have little to no additional strength because alum costs $$. To save (alum) weight builders will...
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    Steel vs Alumninium

    It would be hard to find a weld on a plane....lots of rivets though. Rule of thumb......alum is 1/2 the strength of steel but 1/3 the weight. Welding alum as well as creating the proper connections is 2x harder than steel.....without proper connections it will crack. Lost count of the number...
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    Hydronic Heat, Hot water, and Engine Pre-heating

    Hi TDI Thanks for the explanation. I've added more of my $0.02. - The HW tank is a heat exchanger. What does the preheater do? ----The pre-heater is a more efficient transfer agent than the hot water heater when using glycol as the heating agent. When you are running off-grid (using hydronic...
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    Hydronic Heat, Hot water, and Engine Pre-heating

    Comments: - The HW tank is a heat exchanger. What does the preheater do? - Why circulate through the expansion tank? - Overflow isn't needed if the expansion tank is sized correctly. - A domestic water loop and a heating loop each controlled by a separate circulation pump is another possible...
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    Aluminess nerf bars

    No pics, built for a buddy..... they were stainless steel with strips of punched non slip tac welded along the main bar.
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    Aluminess nerf bars

    Steel will slide on rock and sand, aluminum won't. I've welded the tube to flat bar and then bolted the flat bar to the frame using existing holes.
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    Kayaking in the Arctic Ocean

    -Arctic water is painfully cold in July/Aug. Do a search for Cold Shock and Cold Incapacitation. I've experience with people that have dumped. Even in a suit some people do nothing to save themselves. - Water is shallow. The conditions (standing waves) are similar to a lake.
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    A Little Different M416 Trailer Build

    I have 3 of these. Very secure but it doesn't take much to twist the keys off in the lock. I've been seeing more pin locks being used on services vans but I don't know if the keys are better.
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    Wiring and outlet to a power inverter.

    Sorry for not being more detail. Reffering to red/orange was to avoid using household receptacles that when used as a the only receptacle do not stand up. Using a GFI prevents what is called hot skin. This is when AC leaks to the frame/skin of a vehicle. When a person touches the trailer they...
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    Flippac latches... Help please

    Have you tried a search for "adjustable draw latches"