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    Overland Sprinter Build

    Think the top (blue) are on/off actuators and the bottom (red) is flow control. Thermostaic control is done with a balancing valve before the manifold. The air vents (top right of each manifold) are prone to leaking.
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    Awning suggestions

    We have 10x10 + 10x15 pop ups + an awning. I'd give up both pop ups before I gave up the awning. The awning keeps the doorway/steps dry so we can take our shoes off outside and it keeps the cooking area dry. If we are loading/unloading in the rain we put the awning out. If the wind...
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    Is it always this way or more due to the increase in camping interest due to covid-19?

    Huh? BC Highways are full of RVs and cars loaded for camping. There hasn't been an uptick in the back country because it will take people 1-3 years to figure there isn't a 1000' cliff at the end of the pavement. Buddy of mine sells vehicle parts. Sales for cheap camping roof/bike racks are...
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    Go big or go home:

    Didn't realize that the skins are 3/4"ply'll be good for 100years.
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    Go big or go home: king studs or headers...the corner and 2 studs support the roof = sills will deflect over the cripples....the framing will dry/shrink which needs to be accounted for in the sheething......might be better to go with thicker plywood and leave the wall framing out.
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    Random Scenic Shots

    Pictures taken while hiking in Manning Park BC last week
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    Wildlife Photography

    Couple of pictures I took while hiking last week.
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    ID This Snatch Block

    I can see grooves from it being used with cable but the square nuts means it is from a time when you'd keep pulling until something broke. You'll want to take it apart and make sure the pulley is steel and the axle is OK then you can size it by finding something similar online. The diameter...
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    Overland Sprinter Build

    Might try a welding aluminum couplings and running PEX through strain reliefs / bulkhead fittings vs. welding an aluminum pipe into the tank....worst case scenario with PEX is the strain relief/ bulkhead fitting may leak but PEX it is 100X more durable and easy to repair.
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    Stripping bark still works. I've been debating it. The blade will last longer but then I need to carrying an axe. Sometime it is more work stripping bark than cutting the tree.
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    Overland Sprinter Build

    Making a grey tank out of aluminum? For wirefeed 100% overlap is best on material less than .156 then back cut (gouge) the outside before welding. If the overlap isn't enough you can hold a pcs of stainless or copper on the outside to act a heatsink.
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    More trail clearing but on the 4th (off course the biggest) the 650 was binding. This was damp sticky wood so a wedge cut was made on the side with compression and then two side by side cuts on the hanging side which resulted in a 1/4" slice.
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    Might consider adding another pipe to the rack over the cab to assist branches sliding over the roof of the box. A rail fitting like this would allow it to swing out of the way
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    Roof Top Tent on an Outback

    I got close to buying the lift Primitive makes but still wouldn't copensate for the gear/fuel I want to carry. Allot of the old roads I expore are only kept open with ATVs so I've decided that a used Tacoma would be best. One that I don't need to worry about branches dragging down the sides.
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    My Trailer Power System

    If venting is provide per mfg recommendations there is some heat through radiation but none from convection. Lighting an oven and leaving the door open will provide the the same amount heat and CO.:)