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    roof mounted solar panels - which ones to get?

    Cloud cover all day with rain twice. Peek output was 8amps. The total output for the day was 23Ah.
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    roof mounted solar panels - which ones to get?

    Two hours past sunrise (7:45) there is +\-1 amp under these conditions.
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    roof mounted solar panels - which ones to get?

    I use the 330w. At 6:45am at 51.6 North latitude, an hour after sunrise with heavy grey overcast and no visable sunlight on the flat mounted panels. One panel is producing 0.25- 0.5amps of 12VDC. Commercial panels have to keep up with the latest tech or loose market share wear as low (under...
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    Exterior wiring through foam composite

    Cable claims are great. I like to use them for multiple cables that may require the wires to be changed. Edit....where the backside is no accessible the cable clam bolts will need to be drilled an tapped. For single wires and cable like SOOW and 12VDC duplex I use a strain relief...
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    Side mount tilt-up solar panel mounts.

    I think you are good if is secure against someone walking away with it. A dermined person would probably break into the camper and not bother with a single solar panel. To awkward to deal with. Is solar charging while one the road a consideration?
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    Waxy contaminant in propane line

    If it is just one cyliner toss it out and get a new one.
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    Painting Aluminum

    Anodizing will be the most durable. Don't use any kind of rubberized coating. It traps moisture and will cause the aluminum to corrode. Powdercoating is durable but touching it up later is difficult. An industrial paint system with an epoxy primer is easier to repair but it will cost more.
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    Firefly Oasis carbon foam AGM battery

    There is no minimum air gap. The bigger it is the more efficent the panels are and there is less heat transfer into the roof. I have 4" under mine. When I put my hand under the panels when it is a 100F it feels like an oven.
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    Firefly Oasis carbon foam AGM battery

    As mentioned flexible panel are not ideal. The biggest issue would be the heat transfer into the sleeping area. With rigid panels you'll want a min. 3" air gap under the panel(s) . When I was looking Panaisonic were #3 in efficiency (19.5%) and the price was better compared to others with...
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    Waxy contaminant in propane line

    I've always had some "oil" in a propane system that goes through all the screens but it looks like it mixed with something that has caused it to congeel. . . . .water in the tank?? Have you opened the valve on the tank wiht a rag over it to see what comes out?
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    Firefly Oasis carbon foam AGM battery

    Instead of following the economical method of calculating loads I choose to fill the available roof space with as much solar that could be easily installed. It is one of the best things I did as power use and charging is no longer a concern. For 3 weeks we've been averaging 60-100Ah of use per...
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    Aluminum cabinets

    A CNC Router is the best to cut aluminum. -No heat distortion / heat affected zone. -Drill/cut holes any size without blowout. -Edges are 90 degrees. -No contamination of the cut edge. -No dross or burr.
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    How can I restore this massive cargo box to it's former glory? it buy an autobody shop and what they'll charge to spray it.
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    Metal frame or 3/4" plywood box?

    There are many variables thus no simple answer but metal frame seems to be more popular. A laminated foam wall is the best. Poor design/construction and subsequent water damage had the RV Industry to move away from wood in the outside walls although Luan (wood) is still used in the laminated...
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    Brake controller wiring question - help needed

    If the Jeep uses PWM (pulse width modulation) the wires maybe hot (voltage) but there is very little amperage. Some controllers do not send a signal to the trailer brakes at low speed.