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    Adrenalin Camper

    good luck with the sale!
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    New 270 Awning available.

    Yup, four load bars because of the leverage this pole free design awning will exert on the rain gutters. As you said, a lot of weight is at the rear and that's the second reason for the fourth load bar. The first pic shows the 3rd and 4th bar are closer together than the other two bars. I...
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    Used Conqueror future?

    I'm guilty on "analysis paralysis" as much as the next guy so I get it. Try to get an unit that allows to carry on inside when the weather turns crappy. I can do that inside my Adrenaline on rare occasion when it's too cold or nasty outside. Good luck on your hunt, i'm sure one will turn...
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    Used Conqueror future?

    Sorry for the ignorance, but what components are Conqueror proprietary? Everything that's mechanical and electrical are simple generic products that can be fixed/duplicated or replaced, no? Regardless of the answer, if one is hell bent on getting a cool camper, then buy it, regardless of what...
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    Have you made your own DIY propane hose for a camp stove?

    I recall that pic and it happened because one of the OxyAcet bottle wasn't fully closed AND there wasn't a protective valve cap on that bottle. This was a Darwin move, glad he didn't get killed. Making these hoses with the right crimp on ferrule is trivial and don't need a shop to do it...
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    Have you made your own DIY propane hose for a camp stove?

    I love this idea but that means I'd have to change one end of my 6' hose that is meant to mimic a 1# bottle into a QD (quick disconnect). Which would mean that I lose the "universality" of this hose for connecting to other camp stoves but may not be a huge deal once I make the switch to this...
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    Have you made your own DIY propane hose for a camp stove?

    Just curious if it's easy to make a hose that replaces the typical 1lb hose adapter? Is the threaded portion (circled in red) a standard thread of some sort? I see that Camp Chef has something like this.
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    Autohome Maggiolina Extreme RTT

    So the three below are self raising with gas strut type and not a crank arm type? They have the longer mattresses.
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    Black Series Alpha or LivinLite Quicksilver?

    Your tow rig might help with this decision and I'm assuming LL unit is "lighter" than most?
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    low/er budget camp stove review

    Those pics are wow, scary. I transfer Oxy, Acet and Co/Ar bottles in my vehicles but ALWAYS with the valve cap screwed on tightly. Still, it's not a pleasant feeling to know what's behind the front seats but the safety caps make feel tons better about transporting them.
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    270 Awning FREE STANDING!

    I agree with you Ryan, the 270XT is rather beefy and inspires confidence when deployed in less than ideal conditions.
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    Joolca Hot Water System

    Nothing special, just a mixing valve from amazon installed in front of the Ecotemp water heater. There's a quick disconnect for the shower hose, grey color thing. So, the warm water goes to the sink and always ready at the QD for a shower. A typical RV shurflo pump near the tank in the back...
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    Flatbed Tray Conversion Pros and Cons

    Informative piece, thanks for sharing!
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    FS: NEW Rixens diesel hot water/cabin heat system

    Is there a USA supplier for the U-go a/c unit? First time I saw this little bugger.
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    Flat Pit Grill

    That's a cool looking product, curious who makes it as well!