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    4x4 1998 Ford E-350 XLT for sale in Denver, CO

    Sorry all for the delay in response, my gf had to have ankle surgery after a bouldering accident and I have been primary caretaker the past few weeks while juggling my move. Van is still available and I have interior pics:
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    4x4 1998 Ford E-350 XLT for sale in Denver, CO

    Ah good call Nate! Just thought to put up the original conversion thread from the sportsmobile forum: This post is what I based my purchase decision on and the van is largely unchanged except for the rear passenger seat...
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Hate to post this rig here officially, but it will not be feasible to use living in the DC area... That said, I'd love to pass the van on to someone who will be able to use it to its fullest potential! Classified's post here...
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    4x4 1998 Ford E-350 XLT for sale in Denver, CO

    Hi all! Just got the word yesterday that I will be officially moving to the Washington, DC area from Denver, CO! Unfortunately, this means I will need to sell this awesome overlanding rig I have had the pleasure of using over the past year... :cry: Brief Info: 1998 Ford E-350 Club Wagon Gas...
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    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Got some free stuff I am trying to pass on! A rear bench seat for a 1998 Ford E350 XLT van, plus some miscellaneous seat parts, including the start of a jackknife rear folding bench seat. I am located in southern Denver for local pickup. PM for pics or more details! -Ale
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    Denver area custom seat base fabricators?

    Hey all, Was wondering if anyone know of any metal fabricators in the greater Denver area that could help me out? I am trying to replace a rear OEM seat in my 1999 Ford e350 passenger van with a rear Tahoe seat so that I the seats have headrests and can fold forward. I had originally intended...
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    Fold forward bench seat, ford e350 passenger van?

    Howdy all! Got a project van I am working on and had a quick question for the collective minds on the forum! I was curious if anyone knew of either an aftermarket passenger bench seat that folds the back forward, or any ideas on how to modify an OEM bench seat to do so? I’m ~6ft tall and my...
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    Biting the bullet, need advice!

    So I started the day with one thing in mind, but ended up with another. Got a deal on a 2007 Ford e350 XLT 5.4 v8 that once was a shuttle for a University. Pretty happy with the find, pics and build progress to come!
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    Biting the bullet, need advice!

    Mileage is supposedly around 92,000 as of May 2016 (curren = 95k). However, the car fax has a mileage # of ~53,000 in early 2011 and ~167,000 in January 2016. Not quite sure what to believe? Here is the ad: Will inform all...
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    Biting the bullet, need advice!

    Howdy folks, Tomorrow I am checking out a used 2003 e350 XLT passenger van with a 5.4l v8 engine. It seems like a fair price and in decent shape. I was wondering what those on the forum knew about this model ford van before I put money down. That is, any things I should be aware of...
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    Seriously considering this, any advice for a first time 4x4 van buyer?

    Thanks everyone for your opinions. I ended up passing on the sale just cause it wasn't the right fit for me. Now I'm eyeing a few of the vans posted in the vans for sale thread as well as this sweet thing...
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    Seriously considering this, any advice for a first time 4x4 van buyer?

    Onemanarmy I definitely agree with you on the price and hope to negotiate it downward, but to what degree I don't know yet. Hopefully when I see it I'll have a better idea.
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    Seriously considering this, any advice for a first time 4x4 van buyer?

    Hey everyone, Thanks so much for the responses! I've found out the engine is a 5.4 liter and according to the owner it was a commercial fleet vehicle before he owned it, and the under carriage is in good shape. I'm hopefully gonna set up a meeting soon to get an in person look. As for my own...
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    Indecisive New Member

    Update: I am happy to announce that tomorrow I will take ownership of a 2011 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport (v6, 4x4, 6ft bed, and access cab)! A huge thank you to everyone who provided input in this thread. I ended up visiting a multiple dealers and testing out a number of cars (subies, tundras, and...