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    2014 Tundra Crew Max Build

    I stopped by and spoke to you about your Tundra at the Expo..(we also talked about the restop1/footwarmer). Just wanted to say thanks again for your time, and to everyone else...seeing this truck in person is WAAAAYYYY better than seeing it here.
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    Carlsbad Caverns, Santa Fe, Durango, and White Rim Trail

    Thanks guys! Dying to go back! Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    You are doomed now that you're here!

    You are doomed now that you're here!
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    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    Slam air bags Z, I was wondering how your airbags are holding up?
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    Hello from Houston, Texas!

    Howdy LoneRunner! I'm in NW Houston, and have been to Big Bend about every other year since I was 10 (I'm, uh...over 40 now). Feel free to contact me if you get ready to go there. Sempertoy, Semper Fi! WillRunner, I will be heading to Padre Island National Seashore, July 18th-20th. Taking my...
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    Look what's for sale next to my office...
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    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    Very, very nice! I went from 33" Toyo MT's (on 20's, 44K life) to 35" Cooper AT's. I really liked MT's but ride on Cooper's so much better. Be sure to let us know how the ATZ's do for you. Thanks for all your posts.
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    Bigwapiti's 2011 Tundra build...'BIG NAMBE'

    Let's try this: You should check out Zidaro's build and his airbag solution. You should check out Zidaro's build and his airbag solution.
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    Doc's AT FlipPac Build Thread

    So true.
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    Expedition Tundra

    No, I don't believe it is. But at the time the powertrain (minus the full-time transfer-case) were shared with the LC200, which is sold everywhere. The 10.5 was only for the US, so the locker was slow in coming. :mad:
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    Expedition Tundra

    Rack I mounted Yakima crossbars with the feet you normally use with a camper shell to the top of the bed rails. I reinforced the top and bottom with aluminum bar. The action packers were actually only used to carry backpacks and pillows, blankets and such. All heavy items are either in toolbox...
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    Expedition Tundra

    Johnny, thanks for welcome but been here a while, unfortunately just not too active. I will say your build thread motivated me to post here again! AND, I am totally stealing your ejector seat mod! Sent from my MZ609 using Tapatalk 2
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    Expedition Tundra

    Ordered the Autana after much debate. I looked around on all the forums and read all the posts out there that I could find. I'm definitely not saying it is the end-all of rtt's, but for the price it's great! I've always used a cot camping (post USMC days of course), but managed to get a...
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    Expedition Tundra

    Tepui, Mac's and Edgestar So, it's been a while since I've done anything but lurked around here in a while so, here we go. Since last post here on Jun 2010, we've been to Overland Expo, Big Bend twice, did the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park, and my youngest son is now in Boy...
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    ***SOLD*** 2005 Unimog U500 - Very well equipped, low miles, very clean!

    It is my understanding that if you are using this for personal use, you do not need one. I do the IT work for a group of dealerships in Houston, TX and we have an RV division. I asked the sales manager what type of license you needed if you bought one of their $650,000.00 tandem axled diesel...