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    EarthRoamer XV-JP "Northwest Edition"

    Oh man Mike, i'm so sorry. I don't log onto the portal at all anymore, but if you need anything give us a holler or drop me an email.
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    Sportsmobile private toilet?

    Both of our SMB's we've owned came with porta-potty's. There's quite a few different options for shower, but most popular for diesels is the engine heat exchanger.
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    Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

    Not sure about staying in any of the old hotels, but you can stay in several other buildings for a nominal fee. No charge to visit the town, but they accept donations and the general store sells items with proceeds going to the town.
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    Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

    We sold the LC and Teardrop last year and bought another SMB. If you wait long enough, we'll sell the SMB and buy the LC & Trailer back :) Thanks for the kind words fellas!
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    Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

    We recently visited Cerro Gordo and were fortunate enough to be able to camp on site. If you like Ghost Towns this one needs to be added to your list to visit. Thanks for reading!
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    Toroweap - North Rim Grand Canyon

    Yep, we're still around! This trip was taken several months ago, but we haven't had time to get the report up. So without further ado, here's our first report back after a 7 month break. Hope you all like it. We have another trip report we're working on as we speak. Enjoy everyone...
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    Sportsmobile Cut-a-Way Body @ Overland Expo

    It's nice because now the penthouse pop top lines up flush with the body. I just want to see how they attached it and how it handles the flex and vibration.
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    100 Series Land Cruiser (Equipt Built)

    So does that mean you're delivering it? I thought it sold?
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    Trasharoo - Knock-off - Clearance Promark Brand Heavy Duty Trail Bag

    Thanks for the support fellas. Another Expo user posted a thread about it in another area and i responded a bit ago.
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    Silly Question? How to mount Trasharoo to the spare tire?

    Nathan, we recommend this for tight situations such as OEM FJ Cruisers or JK's. (and apparently Mitsu's) Lengthen the top straps out as much as you can. Drop them back behind the spare in cross pattern. Then buckle from the bottom and tighten the lower buckles. It's how we usually do the...
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    Trasharoo option

    Right on. Looks similar to another brand offered Down Under with a different name. But competition is good. If forces manufacturers involved to improve and the end user will always benefit. In Australia there's more than 10 different spare tire trash bags (wheelie bins as they're called)...
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    Dwayne, Thank you for the kind words. We thought about that idea years ago, the problem is...

    Dwayne, Thank you for the kind words. We thought about that idea years ago, the problem is people already overload their bags and we don't want to be responsible for someone shattering their rear window out. Because many will attach them to a rear hatch with window. Otherwise, yes sir we...
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    2010 Ford E350 Cargo

    We really need this truck gone. Price lowered to $13,500. Truck has 79k on it now.
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    I'd be all over it, if it wasn't for the floor plan.
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    FS: Built 2003 Land Cruiser

    Awfully tempting! Still haven't made up our minds yet on what we're doing next as far as vehicles go.