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    Plates, bowls, ect
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    In Need of Help - Williams Lake, BC

    There is a local James Western Star dealership and Premium Freightliner dealership in town. They may be able to help...
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    James Baroud Headliner

    Rin, thanks for helping me out on this issue.
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    Looking for canvas zipper-top bags

    Matt at Kakadu Camping may be able to help you: He stocks Drifta products.
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    James Baroud Headliner

    I purchased my James Baroud Grand Raid XXL a couple years ago. There were a few bubbles in the headliner inside the tent, i.e., the headliner adhesive did not stick well to the interior ceiling. However, I did not raise a warranty issue thinking it was no big deal. Unfortunately, the bubbles...
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    British Columbia RoverLanders - Founders Day Event (Sat, April 14th)

    Hi Fellow Land Rover Owners in the Pacific NW Region: The British Columbia RoverLanders Club is hosting our annual Founders Day event. We would like to invite you to join us at the biggest Indoor Land Rover Show on the West Coast. Mark it on your calendars, Saturday April 14th 2018, once again...
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    Mounting brackets for Scepter military fuel canisters?

    I have these mounted on the back of my Land Rover as well as on the sides of my trailer to hold the Scepter gas and water cans. Works well for me. You can also bolt them back to back to each other. Great $ value...
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    2 meter awning that's easiest to open when alone

    Thanks for posting the pics. Is this a 3 wall or 4 wall set? Does it come with a floor covering?
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    Extended trips with accident prone boys

    This is an alternative which we have used in the past... not exactly the same as pullups, but still useful for some occasions:
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    Reverse lights for rear bumper

    RioRand floods for me. These backup lights are crazy bright for me.... and realtively inexpensive!
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    RTT to ground tent any regrets or vice versa

    This is what we used in our RTT when the kids were younger: I don't lose sleep once they are trained to use this is the middle of the night
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    RTT to ground tent any regrets or vice versa

    I echo eatSleepWoof's comments. I have a Tepui 30-second tent which is similar to the OzTent RV-model. Its packed configuration means it is long (about 4 to 6 feet depending on the model). It makes it challenging to store inside a vehicle. I bet it is the same challenge with an OzTent. We got a...
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    ReLive 3D Route Vizualization App

    Just thought I share this new app ReLive which I just started using: It take my Garmin tracks such as this one: And converts it to 3D vizualization:
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    Anyone use their RTT with very young kids? Expecting a baby this month.

    Congrats on the baby thingy :) This is a suggestion for the daytime naps for the baby during road stops when you do not want to have the hassle of opening up the RTT...