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    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    I thought I would add another piece of information related to my spare tire comment. I wanted to mount one of my old matching 255/85R16 tires as a spare tire to match diameters with my new 255/80R17s. Consensus on the internet seems to be that a tire that size wouldn't fit in the spare tire area...
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    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    I don’t get on here much anymore (ratio of “show” to “go”…) but I wanted to bump this thread with a minor update. I have built some more aluminum armor for the bottom. I have taken this 4Runner on some more trail riding trips. Anticipating a trip coming up, I got some new tires for the 4Runner...
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    Winch mount - Dis/Connect Front or Rear project

    I have a similar set up in my 4 runner, only at 8000 pound winch though, but the Anderson power Pole bolted to the bumper is very handy. Made an extension cord from some actually copper jumper cables, with ends for the jumper cable in a place to plug up the winch and the air compressor all with...
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    winch for trailer loading and (rare, if ever) trail use...

    I also did the winch on a receiver setup, the "problem" with utv winches is low duty cycle due to permanent magnet motors and shorter line length. The problem with "normal" winches is weight, especially after adding the metal receiver mount. I eventually upgraded to a warn vr evo 8000lb swapped...
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    Are 285s worth it?? Update

    I guess I am the odd one that looked for a 3rd gen that came factory with 15s to get 4.10 gears vs 4.30 before buying... 1999 5Runner V6 5speed 4x4. I daily drive it on 245/75R16s on factory aluminum wheels, then swap to 255/85R16 on factory aluminum wheels for trail use. I would not change...
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    1995 Big Red Burban

    Any progress?
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    Anyone here running a Tremec 4050? And other manual with overdrive conversions

    I have done a couple NV4500 swaps, it is also the same length as a 4L60. I love the NV4500, swapped in a 1991 K2500LD and 1994 K2500 Suburban. Keep in mind there are different spline counts for the output of the transmissions/inputs to the transfer case, so if you have a 27 spline now your...
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    Huh. Large format Anderson PowerPole connectors diff. colors, differently keyed?

    Here are some pictures that show the plug and weatherproof cover, along with the extension cord in use for the winch.
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    Huh. Large format Anderson PowerPole connectors diff. colors, differently keyed?

    Yes, they are keyed differently for using different voltages, so you don't plug a 36v forklift into a 48v charger. I just use grey, they are usually the cheapest. I made a jumper cable extension cord with SB350s on both ends that I use with my winch in the rear or to jump start other vehicles. I...
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    Garmin Overlander

    So you own one?
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    Garmin Overlander

    I don't know if we are supposed to say names of non-forum sponsors, but it was through a reseller at a major auction site stacking the $100 off from the reseller (599.99) with that aution site's rewards program (additional 8% or $48 off).
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    Garmin Overlander

    After consideration of all options for off the beaten path navigation, I ended up ordering the Garmin Overlander. I really don’t think the price is too far out of line, especially since it is on sale right now (551.99, new, free shipping). Needing to replace an aging on-road GPS, not already...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Out hitting some trails at Prentice Cooper.
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    Building a work truck ( slowly)

    Looks great. My "project" vehicle is a 1994 Suburban.
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    Car Paint Colors & Temperatures

    Awesome test! I have seen similar tests, but this is the most scientific by far. Unfortunately when you are stuck on rare options, like a stick shift in a 4Runner, in decent condition with low miles sometimes you get stuck with the hottest color...