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    1974 Honda Trail 70

    yeah minibikes are great, i have a '69 benelli dynamo 50cc, great for buzzing around the neighborhood. Uploaded with
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    Practicing in the park

    yeah fill light is very dangerous, i usually never go over 30points if i can avoid it, anymore and it just puts fake light in, also it turns shadows a funky blue that you wont see onscreen but when it goes to print, you will see it.
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    Running the TAT in a 4x4

    really cool makes me want to take my jeep out there, for a couple days.
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    Next Lens

    as for canon, my next lens is the 135mm f/2 L it is regarded as like top 3 sharpest canon lenses ever made, only like $995
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    Panoramic Shots

    off the top of a mountian thats right next to my house, i had to climb a 90ft tower to get this shot, but hey it was worth it. as you can see there is many imperfections in the first photo like that big cable in the shot. the picture was not cropped at all. The white space was all photoshopped...
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    "Safari Cab" modular hardtop project

    it was good, and you went and made it so much better with that camper, that thing is an awsome concept
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    Camera Backpack Recommendations

    the gear stays in pelican rollers inside the truck, if im not going far ill carry a smaller pelican case, i also use one of the backpacks from the "bug out bagz" line, it has alot of space with some really good support straps for heaver stuff. (trade secret; my pelicans have quick fists screwed...
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    Photography Magazines!

    I read Shutterbug (GREAT Magazine with a lot of product reviews) Rangefinder (a little more for portrait photographers) but hey its free in the US Photoshop User Magazine Layers magazine (not just for photoshop but also for photography) some of those might seem a little biased toward...
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    Self Recovery on a frozen lake

    those treads are very cool, but what really caught my attention was those "whiskers", i looked on the net but i could not find too much info on if they are removable or not, it's a really great idea, but not practical to drive around with all the time. does anyone have any more info on that rig?
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    Starting Into 4x5

    isn't that the only reason guys even go to school? :) :drool:
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    RED LED cockpit lighting for night time

    i replaced all my interior bulbs with red ones, it's the bomb!
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    semi-custom roof rack for my WJ

    grrreat rack, if your ever gonna get rid of it, let me know, it's nice solid fab work.
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    1/pr. North Face convertible pants, khaki, 38x32

    theese are $65 at Dick's Sporting Goods, so this is a really good deal..
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    WJ Question

    haha i hear ya man that 4.7 is a power house, even with the 35's
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    WJ Question

    hmm then i guess something is definitely wrong with my jeep... :)