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    A 1994 FZJ80 rejuvinated

    Nice Pantera sittin there also !
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    Merry Christmas!

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to you and yours as well ! 🎅
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    I have Gear 2008 in excellent condition.
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    Happy Christmas Folks

    Merry Christmas to you both as well and Happy New Year also. Tucker
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    1993 4Runner - Daily driver with a sense of adventure

    Great looking 4 Runner. I love mine. At 230000 miles mine also gets in the mid teens for fuel mileage easily. Continue to keep us posted on your progress. There is a lot of 2nd generation love out there:coffeedrink:
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    1995 4Runner with new transmission

    Pictures would be very helpful :)
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    Random shots

    Nice looking E-30
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    Overstocked ARB, Safari Snorkel & OME Parts - Free Shipping to lower 48 States

    N 92 OME SHOCKS May be interested if they are still available.
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    I have asked many times never even to get a response other than we are working on it or we are talking to some people about it and then it dies out and no more is to be heard of it again ! Are we ever or will we ever see any Tee shirts with the EXPO LOGO on it for sale ? Just a yes or no would...
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    Duluth clothing

    Ordered my fire hose pants tonight and with all the fantastic reads that there are here I just couldn't wait. Bought a pair of waterproof insulated winter gloves a few weeks ago. As soon as I opened the bag that they were in I knew that there was somthing wrong. The smell was more than I could...
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    The Map is Not the Territory: A Northern Maine Adventure

    A lot of info about the trains can be found here.
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    Getting started with camping

    Wow, almost 6 years later. What a come back. :Wow1: Hope that you both have made some great camping stories to remember.
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    The Map is Not the Territory: A Northern Maine Adventure

    Our favorite place in the whole world is the North Maine Woods (NMW). Been many many miles on the logging roads and trails and can never get enough of it. Haven't been able to go for a while so you are really helping with filling the void. Keep the pic's and story's of you trails and trials...