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    First: I have a used Warn M12000 brand winch with 125 feet of new 3/8 inch steel cable. The winch works flawlessly. NO problems. Comes with Warn quick release battery cables and new Warn remote with light. Look at the Warn website for more info: Prefer local pickup 85338 as this weighs about...
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    '83 Suburban GMC 2500 4x4 w/ 48k miles!!

    Stain the seats with Cherry Slurpee, spill some used motor oil in the back seat foot area, crack the dash, remove the stock stereo, muddy up the floor boards and tear out the headliner... Then Ill give you $4500. I'll fly and pick it up.
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    I know better, but I'll ask anyway - why not MRE's

    I have no problem with MRE's. In fact, contrary to what you posted above (the take up a lot of room) I find that they fit great in my pack. The new MRE'S taste great, can be heayed easily with the enclosed heater. No problems whatsoever with MRE's. I must say that I will eat the "MILITARY"...
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    Hey! My rig is not the CUCV Military model just the 1/2 ton 1500 model. In process of swapping...

    Hey! My rig is not the CUCV Military model just the 1/2 ton 1500 model. In process of swapping one ton axles. I'll probably throw in some 4:88 gears while im at it. After that gonna do a repaint. Nothing special, probably just a notch above a rattle can job. That s about it. If I happen to have...
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    My Wandering Soul

    I say again... when will you be in Phoenix (KPHX)? I say we tip back a few pints (beers) at that one legged guys place. Then we can talk more in depth about one wheel four by fours and what we "carry" on our travels. Thinkin' out loud again...
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    set of 4 35x12.50-15 BFG KM2 / wheels

    How much for just the tires?
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    My Wandering Soul

    When does it look like you will be in Phoenix or nearby?
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    craigslist: Jungle/Expedition Equipped F250-$12000 Austin, TX

    Welcome Welcome... Got to love some of the folks here... Like the truck. I'm looking for a 4 door. Anyways, are you thinking of posting a few pics up In the trip section? Include some more information on the troubles you encountred. Specifically, the fool that came In your window? Was It in...
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    USED Diamond HV7A HF/VHF Antenna

    I would not recommend it for offroad use. To fragile.
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    My best trip to the hospital report

    I hope things are going great. Do you have an update. What a great father!
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    Tonight's Dinner Will Consist Of........

    Pictures would help!
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    So what dish or recipe are you "known" for?

    I'm actually gonna try your steak marinade tonight!
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    So what dish or recipe are you "known" for?

    Myself? I'm "known" for my spaghetti sauce and salsa. I start the sauce early in the morning made from scratch. Usually takes six hours from fridge to plate. The salsa I make is awesome. I think its hit or miss sometime as I don't follow a recipe. You need to try a few splashes of a good...
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    US Navy's 100 Years Of Aviation: USNAS North Island, February 12th, 2011

    We watched the show from Silver Strand Beach cooking steaks and drinking beer watching the aircraft fly over the water. Saw the Blue Angels and numerous helicopters. You guys know how to put on an airshow! Enjoyed the almost 80 degree weather!