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  • Hey! My rig is not the CUCV Military model just the 1/2 ton 1500 model. In process of swapping one ton axles. I'll probably throw in some 4:88 gears while im at it. After that gonna do a repaint. Nothing special, probably just a notch above a rattle can job. That s about it. If I happen to have a good deal of money come my way, I'd like to put in a 6.0... but that's down the road.

    Good luck on your rig. I like having a full size "expo" rig. No problems yet.
    Saw your post on using a military k5 as an expo rig. I'm building one myself and just wanted to see if you made any recent changes to your rig. I'm planning on a 5 speed for mine because I need more gears than that TH400 can offer.
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