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    Looking for an article on the KLR 650 for S. Americal travel

    I have a BMW & a KLR, both are great but if i ever ride to south america it will be on the KLR, i can fix it roadside most likely and can change tires without trouble, and if something bad happened i could leave it with less regret than my R100GSPD classic, of course it does everything well...
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    Gravel skills

    I ride a KLR and have been on a bunch of gravel, the thing is gravel can be mild or scary depending on the depth, the road surface and how tired you might be at the time. i know when i ran tkc 80's in alaska i felt i very high level of confidence....and i never went down, they were toast by the...
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    Looking at Suzuki V-Strom 650

    Any bike that you can pay for will change your life, and you may end up owning more than one...i went for the KLR back in '06 and rode it up to Alaska in '07, trip of a lifetime, it does make sense to go for the one with the skid plate already on, of course price it online but usually the parts...
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    '13 R1200GS, couldn't resist,,,

    I rode an '09 GSA for awhile, the suspension & the ride is amazing, enjoy that sucker, you know you deserve it!
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    Wanted 4x4 Toyota Sunraider

    those are rare indeed, i have a 21' 2wd that i am considering for a 4wd conversion projet, i would watch craigslist and one might pop up, there are a few dedicated toy camper sites, you could join and post a request. good luck!
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    savings on Kawasaki through Costco ?

    Hillsboro, OR. Costco had a black KLR 650 for something like 6400. i would think it would be worth it, and actually iv'e had much better customer service from Costco than my Kawa dealer...i bought a '06 back then and the dealer support much aftermarket help with this bike it doesn't...
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    2012 KTM 690 Adventure a no go.

    without a doubt the newer tech that brings FI and anti lock brakes and computer controlled timing advance all make the newest bikes the best performers but outside of the 1st world carbs are more common and in terms of user friendly on the road adjustments/repair there are obvious advantages...i...
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    Camper Van ?'s for Central America

    I know it's not good looking but it's a 5 speed with a 2 spd transfer case and locking hubs, has ac and cruise, comfortable seats. just had it out for a drive and everything works, nice little torqey motor gets around 20mpg. now for the camper conversion.:)j
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    Camper Van ?'s for Central America

    good point i will get some pics up here for you to check out t low, i do think what you said if so true, it's been years but when i was last in baja with a beat up VW bug i remember feeling like i fit right point in showing off where peeps have so little. maybe i won't worry about the...
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    Camper Van ?'s for Central America

    i just bought an '89 toyota 4WD van that i'll be modifying into a 2 person traveler, i hope to go north a far as land allow and then south. the van is suitable for central america travel can go on beaches and get back out and gets 20+ mpg, the little motor that powers it was originally designed...
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    1977 Chinook Questions

    re i'm just begining a project to convert a 2 wheel drive 21' sunrader to a 4+4. iv'e gutted the interior to remodel with less weight, got a solid axle toy that will be the donor vehicle. i'm not thinking it will be a hardcore expedition wheeler but i do like the thought of winter camping...
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    OBDR in 2011, wanna?

    re OK lets think about a good meet & greet location...Coastal your north of me & deadsled your maybe you should both come to Jewell for a visit and some riding...we could see if my GPS tracks going over gravel from benecke creek rd to hwy 30 are worth a ****, that will give us some...
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    OBDR in 2011, wanna?

    i like the idea of a meet & ride, if the oregon 500 is what works that's good for me, but i won't ride my KLR on that...and if i ride the GSA i ride kinda maybe not the best test of compatability...but still a chance to put a name to a face...good! i know the dedsleder, and aside...
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    New bike: my first airhead, classic R80 G/S

    a true piece of adventure bike history...and one of the coolest rides on the planet.....SCORE!!:wings:
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    1200GSA maintainence costs?

    i figured to comment again on this....i have had some problems with my has been out of service 2 times in the first year i had it...but both times the dealer fixed all that was wrong under warrentee costing me nothing but transport time there & back, parts from Germany had the bike down...