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    V10 Exhaust Manifold Studs

    Stop now and take it to someone. Broken manifold studs are old school mechanic stuff. They are a pain in the *ss and every old school guy has dealt with them on big block 460's and 454's. It's gonna cost money and time and you don't want to fool with it. Plus, you'll have to have your...
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    Chevy Suburban pop top adventure build

    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing! I, for one, probably would've never seen it on the domestic SUV board. Glad you dropped it here.
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    4WD Van on Ebay

    I'm going to build a bad *ss Ford one day and give it a Toyota theme. I mean, what's the difference? It is a nifty conversion but I hate all this Hardly Ableson themed crap in our world.
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    If that isn't answered for you soon I'll let you know. I have a panel already on my J30 but haven't wired it. I'm thinking the pass through will be outside the canvas (naturally) and towards the front, being careful to not interfere with the hinges or possibly zip tied to them if I can find a...
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    What is the best/cleanest Looking Option for Filling in Ambulance Light holes

    I couldn't agree more, but I think for most people, it's going to still look like an ambulance. Still, I want one too.
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    Crap, I got sealed beams on my E350, anything I can do to make my lights much better..

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    Cummins 2.8 Diesel swap in a Astro AWD??

    Ouch.....but someone had to say it. What a buzzkill..... I thought the same.
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    CJ-5 Hard Sided Camper

    That is very neat and very weird. He's done some amazing work but I gotta question the battery box up top. Tons of weight way up there! Seems like a very bad idea in already bouncy vehicle and there is great space low under the dinette that could've been used.
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    E350 Chinook Build

    I really like a lot of the newer dark colors on overland vehicles. I don't think you can go wrong. The dark green and gray Jeep colors are two of my faves. I recently bought a gray Jeep and the color is called Rhino. So, of course, we call the Jeep Rhino. Check out that color. Not my Jeep...
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    E350 Chinook Build

    Paint? Did you say paint? Can't wait. What color are you going with? I think the window mod is an awesome idea. I love Chinooks but the window design is looking pretty dated here almost 15 years after the end of production and I had no idea they didn't open any more than that. Pretty...
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    No low gear, they are just light and small and unusually agile for a square box. They are also well balanced and have good clearance in stock form.
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    Box Van Help

    Your best bet for narrowing down all the different types and manufactures of box vans is to spend a lot of time on the Craigslist pages in bigger cities. There are tons of different ones out there. I work on the road and see ones I've never seen every day. There is no database for them that...
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    I wouldn't over think the price of diesel. There are MILLIONS, literally, of commercial trucks running on it in the U.S. alone (link below, there are many others to support it). It's not going to just shoot up like crazy at a certain point or the shelves at your local Walmart won't be stocked...
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    That's really good intel Brian, thanks for sharing. Train Control looks like Ford's version of Toyota's crawl control. Cool.
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    Dang Walmart! Tires crazy price on Patagonia’s

    I see the Youtube formula for view count hasn't changed.