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    2017 Chevy Express Extended 4x4 Sportsmobile

    Says it above, interior by CCV (50 floor plan), top is SMB. So, it's not a FULL on SMB but has their top. The CCV cabinetry is probably far better than SMB's, just my opinion. Nice van!
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I was there then too but didn't do that particular trail.
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    Soft Too

    Yep, that's all I have. I'll think about it for awhile and maybe I'll come up with something else. That ok?
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    Soft Too

    Proofreading is awesome, especially when considering a thread title.
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    Fridge/freezer advice wanted

    That's the first one I had, all plastic just like the Dometic linked above. In fact, probably made in the same factory. The steel ones are tough but heavy.
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    Fridge/freezer advice wanted

    I'm curious which Truckfridge? Was it one of those plastic curvy ones? My bomb proof one that I've kept the longest, about 5 or 6 years of constant abuse, is one of the steel models they don't sell any more. It's an IndelB TB74. It's giant (74 liter) and really heavy but it will hold a...
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    E350 10ft Box Van

    Pool noodles?
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    Fridge/freezer advice wanted

    There are many, many articles and discussions on this all over this forum and the internet in general. Not trying to sound like a jerk, but use the search function. A whole lot has already been said. It sounds like you need a mid sized chest type fridge, which will essentially look just like...
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    We just picked up an '89 E-350 Airstream / Okanagan / B190

    Ha! Some crafty guy said this a few years ago...... However, I've had a couple Class C motorhomes with a similar frontal area to Liam's new van above and it wasn't near 10. Like 6-8. Either way, good luck!
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    (Price Drop!!) 2006 ford van conversion $20k OBO

    Neat build. I'm surprised I haven't seen it in the vans section or other van forums. Of all of the overlanding builds I've seen I've never seen anyone else with a banana hammock. I love that thing.
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    We just picked up an '89 E-350 Airstream / Okanagan / B190

    So long as there's a gas station halfway up the hill. Seriously, OP, neat van but you need to be ready for 8 mpg with a 460 in that thing. Plan your trips around fuel cost and stations. You almost have to. We took several long trips in our 460 SMB and fuel costs would be in the thousands for...
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    We Explore Last Dollar Road near Telluride, CO

    I'm looking forward to your update after the weekend. We're still set to leave next weekend for 2 weeks in the area. We can bail for points west, south and warmer, but want to try our favorite spots in CO first.
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    E350 Chinook Build

    Man, I can't wait! Can I call Eddie and ask him to hurry up? :D
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    Vanlife apps

    Yep. My go to for years has been Ultimate Public Campgrounds but those are all good!