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    2012 Chevy AWD Family Adventure Van

    Nicely done, I think what you did gets you a great all around van. The interior can be tweaked as you find your needs, but its got most of what you need day one... Any pics of the cognito upper arm sitting on the weight, not at full droop just resting. When the stock upper arms hit the frame on...
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    is a 3.73 rear gear g80 posi '99 suburban same as the express r80?

    The 1500 van has different width axle housing than suburban they don't swap, the G-80 posi might swap into diff. They must be of similar year all 8.5" 10 bolts are not same, the ring gear is slightly bigger in later years..........The suburban leave springs just happen to be the same length...
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    Best Aggressive All Terrain or Mild Mud Terrain Tire?

    Yokahama AT/ X: I know you made your choice but for others looking, I went with a set of Yokahama AT/X in a 305 70 18 size or true 35x12.50x18 also on sidewall. I could not find much info on the new tire but there is a reveiw on here hauling a camper, seemed good. Discount tire pushed me hard...
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    GMC 1500 AWD Van

    Its been a while but and update seems fitting, Van has been great but has a few issues. Its got 80,000 enjoyable miles, it is leaking trans fluid pretty good, minor front diff leak and the stabilitrac is pissed about the steering wheel sensor. I get a code once or twice a year cylinder misfire...
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    about changing suburban leaf springs onto the express awd

    My van is getting close to Gvw most of the time, it touches the lower leaf when lowered off the jack. It rides great, that also eliminated wheel hop in sand but i have taken a case of liquid out and seen it rise, it has compliance. The pack does a great job at everything. A similar multi leaf...
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    DANA 60 That clearly is a Dana 60, so now we all know that really is the only difference other than a fourth leaf spring reported by some. GM has a habit of building the same configuration without changes to a fault, with the GVW being almost the same I was skeptical, thanks for clearing...
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    The 7300lb GVW 2500 AWD is just an early 7300lb GVW 1500 AWD, 1500's had a 7200lb GVW. It's not a Unicorn with a Legendary 6 lug Dana 60........Anybody with a 2500 AWD have pictures of the rear axle?
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    And it begins... 2005 Chevy Express AWD

    Great choice!! The best way to start right here: AWD, Hightop, doors on both sides, basic insulation, doors on both sides, rear heat A/C, ETC............... Yea its got alot of stuff most people here don't want in or on their AWD Van, I have found it really is easier to tear stuff off than...
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    The great white fun hog (another white GM awd build)

    Glad to you see your van is still getting it done, the miles go by so easy I love to drive them. Congrats on the tires and wheels it looks good............. I have about 60,000 on my tires and will get some before next winter, the AWD Van tire wear is a non issue, I am getting the same life and...
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    GM Passenger Van Camper Conversion Q&A

    I went with a passenger van because the factory windows age better than aftermarket windows, the ventilation is a little worse though. The interior plastic window trim looks and fits great, modifying it is easy with a sharp knife.......The pillow view from the windows is incredible from my tall...
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    AWD Dana 60 Can you show us a picture of the Dana 60 axle under the van? This thread is the only good info you can find on these AWD Vans so we have to sweat the details, I wish I had it when I got the Van bug........ The 2500 AWD GVW rating is the same as the newer 1500's that use the...
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    Why springs? Add a leafs work OK when the load is constant but can be rough to live with when lighter, they also don't always fit well with the pack and work smoothly. The best reason is that the we know the 2900lb spring pack works very well on our Vans, they give almost 2" of lift just from...
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    Lifted AWD Express and Savana 1500 driveability question

    My van actually rides and handles better than stock, it shows no signs of bumpsteer or wandering. I cant believe how rock solid it is on the open road windy or not, you just don't saw at the wheel. The mountain twisties are almost fun with the new rear sway bar, really! in a camper van! It is...
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    The RPO code for a 4:10 axle is GT-5, GT-4 is 3:73 and GU-6 is 3:42.. I would like to see a pic of the tag on the axle, I am a little skeptical as GM is very consistent to a fault most of the time....the 4:10 was listed for a 2500 van but possibly not an AWD 5.3 2500? If you are running your...
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    265/75/16 vs 235/85/16 question

    I do love your input on here, when motivated you can get into the weeds better than me! Alot of people want a simple answer and the talent on here does provoke critical thinking. We have just done most of these things and dont need to research what we have done so many times before. We have had...