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    Looking for some brand recommendations for a slide in camper

    Lance is the top of the line and if weight is an issue then Lance Lite would be the way to go, I have a 10'6"on a 3500 Quad cab 4x4 SRW Dodge it handles it fine, if you want to do a lot of off road go smaller, mine is made for comfort
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    Heki skylight and 12 v reefer questions

    Why not have propane option? Best off grid refer available, don't limit yourself
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    2003 Lance Lite 845

    Most camper come with air, if not it will be wired and set up for it, check for leaks around the front window, I just bought a new to me 2003 Lance it's great one of the best manufacturers, you might ask your questions at Lance
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    [YEAR 7!] Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding...

    Check out ADVriders ride reports forum, look up Tuckers to TDF, this couple didn't sell their house, and rode from LA to TDF in 6 weeks, passed all the slow vacation riders
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    URGENTLY - Need to fit a supplementary oil cooler for the A/T in Chile

    Just buy any trans cooler and adapt it in, no big deal
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    Suspension Upgarde Suggestions

    Excellent Idea, and easily removable
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    PICS of your bike on your vehicle

    As soon as you have to haul it with 4 wheels, it loses it's ADVenture status, just another dirt bike, check on ADVrider, in the ride reports and see how many haul their bike to the ride
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    2011 V strom 650, fuel injected fun!

    I rode my DR to Copper Canyon in Mex with 2 WR's, good for shorter, smaller rider, plan on shifting a lot and at highway speeds heading toward their max RPM which is 11,500, how long do you think a motor running at over 9000 RPM will last
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    2011 V strom 650, fuel injected fun!

    The 690 has no subframe to carry panniers and the gas tank is in the rear under any luggage you have on, they need 91 octane and with water cooling and fuel injection are very complicated, how about a DR650 great for most conditions, simple air cooled and carb,tons of aftermarket parts, (mine is...
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    2011 V strom 650, fuel injected fun!

    If they are aluminum just pound them straight, I had Tourtech zegas on my DL1000, ran into the back of a KTM950 that stopped for no reason in the sand right in front of me, bent the crap out of it, I just got a sledge hammer pounded it out and it was fine the lid even sealed
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    F-150 to carry a hardside camper

    What ever truck you get make sure it has a 8ft bed
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    What is your opinion on the Yamaha 1200 Dual-Sport?

    If it weighs over 475-500 lbs not much of a dual sport more of a want to be highway dualsport like a GS1200, you could do smooth dirt roads, but you could do that with a street bike
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    Hard-sided into the Maze or over the Alpine Loop?

    What size Lance is that? It looks like you can go just about anywhare you want, nice set up
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    Lance 1040 on a flatbed.

    Why not get a service body and gain all that outside storage, they make them that will fit a camper, aluminum would be great
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    Newbie looking for the best TC for my rig.

    The Artic Fox camper are rated very light from the factory, with a necessary added package they weigh about 500 lbs more and add your gear figure about 1000 lbs over the advertised weight, my old Lance 9'6" is about 2800 lbs plus gear I've done Baja with it but slowly off road