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    Jeep plunges 450 feet off Colorado mountainside

    Ha, back in 80's I had job at rental car agency while in college, when it would snow we would take the Plymouth Horizons to open lot out back, step on them and pull-up on center hand brake would spin and spin, what a blast....thanks for memory:)
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    Grand Cherokee WK2 Off-Road Capability and Reliability

    Haha.....thanks. Its an RS convertible no less👍
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    Grand Cherokee WK2 Off-Road Capability and Reliability

    Why would you point out the shortcomings of vehicle someone is enjoying? I would bet most are not buying grand cherokees to rock crawl, and fact is, the air suspension and 4wd capabilty make this a joy to drive both on and off-road. Unless someone really pushes it I don’t think people really...
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    Ordering an F350 - need advice

    Beautiful truck......well done!
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    +1 on both paragraphs. I think reliability and lack of authorized services centers hold off a lot of folks from Sprinters. 4x4 Transit will fill a nice niche even if not best in class 4x4 system.
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    97 E350 Winne 4x4- Ski Bum Mobile

    I grew up riding dirt bikes, never saw a snowbike...pretty dang cool but unfortunately useless here in Virginia:(
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    The Official Bacon Thread. (Got your attention?)

    You had me at “bacon”....
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    Sprinter 4x4 or Provan Tiger.

    I was where you were last year (although my use much different) was heavily deciding between a Tiger and a Sprinter Van. Long story short, nixed Sprinter due to difficulties with repair away from big cities so leaned towards Ford's Transit and getting 4x4 done. The extended vans rear overhang...
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    Insurance e-450

    I have e-350 camper and Progressive Ins.
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    12VDC Fridge/Freezer Temps

    My arb stays at 36 degrees 24/7, just where I keep it.
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Wow, way low price, maybe too low but if someone looking for Chinook could be nice deal.
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    New to me Tiger 800XC

    Yes, we know and understand...LOL Sweet bike, congrats.
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    Wife and I did a thing...

    Nice, any inside pics?
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    E350 Chinook Build

    My Chinook also drives way much better with a lift, fox shocks specially valved, 2008 radius arms and Fox steering stabilizer,