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    Pass-through really necessary?

    I love my pass-through, so handy in so many instances. I would not own vehicle without it now that I experienced it.
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    Calling all 7.3L E350 Owners!!

    I have a 2001 V10 with close to 10k pound rig. 6 - 8 hours at 65 - 70 mph is nothing for me to drive at a time, mostly highways. The V10 gives me plenty of speed and get-up-and-go to pass trucks. I do live on east coast so don't deal with those steeper ascents out west but it's crazy how strong...
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    Finally My Own 4x4 Van (1985 E150 Chassis)

    Congrats on purchase and future van projects. I hope you get to use it quickly and "don't let perfect get in the way of the good".
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    Price range on a 4x4 Conversion for a 96 E350?

    My rig is 21' long and 9'5 high. I live on east coast so I limit my off road to FS/dirt roads and the like. The Chinook is very agile for it's size but biggest issue is simply it size, more so height than width, length not a problem. and clearance issues were fixed with lift etc. In the east...
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    This has been problem on Appalachian Trail for years, T.P. sticking out of ground like mushrooms. freakin' disgusting people are too lazy to dig proper cat hole.
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    The world is on fire...

    Why, because we do not see the Guardian as objective journalism? No objective review would call the Guardian mainstream or fair and balanced. Here is how your fair "The Guardian" saw todays CPAC event: "Trump grasps for relevance" "An embittered Donald Trump" "propagate the lie of a “rigged”...
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    The world is on fire...

    This is BS, most wildfires spread out of control because of wacko environmentalists not allowing the people to properly managing the forest to avoid this stuff. The Texas grid going down is because they are no longer preparing for these things but instead bending knee to woke liberal...
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    We survived the Polar Vortex in our OEV Summit

    "Survived"?, looks more to me like "livin' the dream"
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    Goodyear Duratrac's on Frontier?

    I have a set on dually camper van and they have been very good, road noise is minimal and wearing ok. Since it is dually I do not rotate tires. I will replace in couple years due to age not wear, but Goodyear is repulsive dispicable woke company that I will never shop at again.
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    2004 Chinook Glacier 44k miles e450 side door $56k

    I have a Concourse, 2wd but lifted with suspension improvements AT tires, winch etc. It is set up for forest service and back dirt roads, due to east coast being heavily wooded the height and width are biggest limiting factor. I do not "wheel" or go mudding with it but set-up is really good...
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    Custom Phoenix 4x4 camper Earthroamer - $92,000

    Older Rig but upkeep might not be too bad, however, assuming the blonde is included (no disclaimer she is not), they can be pretty high maintenance so you need to factor that into purchase.
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    1996 Chinook Premier Ford E350 99k 7.5 v8 $20k

    Thanks for the laugh, after yesterday really needed one.
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    Cast-Iron Cooking : Hungarian Stew (lovely audio)

    Simply the sounds of nature and cooking is the best.
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    1998 Ford E350 Chinook Premier Quigley 4x4 101k $69,500

    Very nice but how did they arrive at price? Way WAY too much........