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  • hello, My name is David. I live in the Nashville area and was wondering if you still had the 33" tires for sale.
    Hi Basil,
    I actually used 2 different independent shippers. I used a website called uship.com.
    You put up online what you have needing shipped, and much like eBay companies and independent shippers bid on your load. If you accept the bid, it's a binding contract.
    The guy who shipped it back from salt lake city was awesome, but he is no longer in business for himself otherwise I would give you his info

    Good luck!
    hello recently read your build of your 80 from proffitt's if you don't mnd which carrier did you use to bring your truck back and forth??? I'm looking at shipping my 100 to slee to get some work done. With the price of gas, me driving out there getting a plane to fly me back home etc; it seems better to ship it to him. thanks Basil
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