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    2003 Ford E450 Ambulance

    2003 Ford 450 Ambulance on eBay. Located in Rockville MD (DC suburb) Not mine. " Running lime green ambulance, coveted 2003 Ford E450 with 7.3L Powerstroke diesel engine, Ambulance Package, 174k miles, solar panel keeps starter ship shape, also has electrical umbilical. Well maintained, well...
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    Airway Beacons and Petroglyphs in Utah's west desert

    The airway arrows have captured our attention as well. Its also started a bit of a competition between my adult daughter and her parents. We've traveled separately to one outside St. Paul MN. My favorite story was one behind a locked gate near Mt. Home ID.
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    Death Valley Introduction

    Thanks for the share. We've done parts of DV and are looking to do so again in the next month or so. I see your report is still coming so I won't comment on the "you missed one of our favorites" yet. (You got much nicer pics of the train station at Rhyolite than we did.) The petroglyphs at...
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    The Trans America Trail in a 2019 Ford Ranger

    Thanks for the report. Followed along and enjoyed. Maybe it will get added to my list one of these days. The vine you mention on August 16 which covers most of the Southeast is Kudzu, an invasive species deliberately imported to cut down on erosion that has spread and is virtually...
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    Outfitting the new-to-me 2018 F-150....EcoBoost specific thoughts?

    Per Toyota, its Prii. Per custom, a group is called a "pious of Prii".
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    Outfitting the new-to-me 2018 F-150....EcoBoost specific thoughts?

    Thank the stars you finally got a vehicle in a color! ;)(y) Looks sharp. We briefly looked at one of these before we bought the latest Colorado. Finding the combo of equipt we wanted got in the way. Anywho, if you haven't already committed to seat covers, I'm gonna recommend the Coverking...
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    CB Tuning: Bad SWR Meter, Bad Antenna, Bad CB?

    If his meter is readily available, certainly worthwhile to give it a try. I'd lean towards the radio itself being the likely problem as the PTT button should register something on the meter even if the antenna was not there or connected.
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    Mt Sunflower and Monument Rocks, Kansas

    We visited Monument Rocks (and Castle Rock) a couple of years ago during the summer. Was pleasantly non-populated then as well. I enjoyed it as a break from the flat, flat, fat trip across Kansas.
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    Maybe need to look into actually using that beard trimmer someone gave you for Christmas? Have more than once heard the whiz of a passing shot, bright orange shirts/hats or even a bright orange truck don't really seem to matter. The more important lesson is be careful out there.
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    DE VIII - The Owens Valley

    Judging from your choice of pictures, Keith primarily moved his chair from one site to another and sat. :);):coffee: This was a second trip to Manzanar for me. On the earlier trip, we were lucky enough to watch the movie with a man who was there with his grandchildren. We overheard him...
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    Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area (October 2018)

    You're welcome. Methinks you may be cheating yourself by limiting yourself to north of the bridge. Sam & Omies has been the choice for lunch on multiple occasions but we haven't been there yet for breakfast. There are a number of other restaurants that I would add to a list that weren't visited...
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    Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area (October 2018)

    Thanks. Some of my favorite places as well.
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    Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area (October 2018)

    We hadn't seen any horses yet, not unusual for the cooler weather but we did see something we'd not seen before. Coming south along the water from the direction of Sandbridge VA were 3 bicycles! They stopped just north of the fence and the lead rider, a young man, walked through the fence and...
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    Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area (October 2018)

    Moving further north, we hit the oceanside beach and rode to the visible part of the wreck of the Pocoantas just offshore. The Pocohontas was a Federal ship involved in the transport of horses for the army fighting the Civil War. Reports vary whether she carried 90 or 110 horses belonging to the...
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    Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area (October 2018)

    Next, we headed back by the museum and went out Ramp 55 towards the point. We looked for the Ramp 55 wreck (several theories but no conclusive decision on what it was or when it wrecked) which is sometimes visible in the narrow beach between the dunes and the ocean. We managed to find it back...