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    Hot shower using exhaust heat exchanger

    Has anyone built a heat exchanger that uses the tailpipe gases to heat water for a shower? I'm considering the tailpipe instead of tapping in the engine bay so htat the same heat exchanger can be moved to a power generator instead of the vehicle. Any experience/advice with this is welcome.
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    My homemade recovery traction pads

    You saved some money on the mat but those metal screws are going to shred your tires, and I bet they're at least $200 a pop. There's a reason Maxtrax and lookalike designs have plastic spkes that wear out. They wear out so your tires don't.
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    Sahre your DIY sand ladder / recovery track

    Looking for idea for a cheap and effective recovery track, mostly for snow. I've seen people use fibergrate like this I've seen the CES Offroad on amazon for cheap here: I'm thinking the cheapest way may be to glue harbor freight treat covers back to back...
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    What is most important to you when buying Recovery Board Kits?

    Big risk that string gets tangled around wheel.
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    Who's running LED headlights in the Northeast?

    Decent H4 LED bulbs cost $280, and the beam pattern is not as good as $5 halogens. LED bulbs will supplant halogens someday, but we're still a few years away from it.
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    Homemade roof rack

    Sir, you should have your own "bud light real men of genius" commercial.
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    on-board air

    You can use an old fire extinguisher or propane bottle or dead pancake compressor as the air tank for free. Scavenge pressure regulators from dead compressors on eBay or craigslist
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    3D printer weekend project

    Software is OpenSCAD, printer is Dremel
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    3D printer weekend project

    Actually my original question is not "what is a 3D printer" but rather "what would you build for your expo with a 3D printer". Read it again please.
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    Would you use brake hose to make air hose?

    Thanks, that is the answer I was looking for.
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    Would you use brake hose to make air hose?

    My cheapo chinese coiled air hose split. I have a spool of brake hose that looks much stronger. Would it be ok to just add air fittings to a length of brake hose to rig a stronger air hose? I'd like hydraulice pressures within a brake line are much higer (10x) that that of an air compressor.
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    3D printer weekend project

    Suppose you had access to a 3D printer for the weekend. What would you build for your expo?
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    Compressed air solution

    Usually postcoolers on compressors include a dessicant or water collection device to prevent water condensed during cooling (in radiator or heatsink) to enter the circuit. Is there a way to remove water from the intercooler/tank?
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    Compressed air solution

    That's a hulk of a heat sink on top. Must have great thermal efficiency.