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    For Sale: Hiker 6x10 Deluxe with lots of upgrades.

    FYI, Ive seen this trailer in person. It's good to go and Jason takes excellent care of his stuff.
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    4th Gen 4Runner leveling with ride comfort I've driven a truck with this set up on it and it road really well. Softer than OME for sure. Just not a fan of the level myself, but to each his own. Running 265/70/17 on our 4th gen with no lift. Speedometer...
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    A 1994 FZJ80 rejuvinated

    Love an 80.
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    How do you haul mountain bikes on a trailer with a RTT?

    Put a receiver on the back of the trailer. Get a riser hitch insert if needed to get them up higher.
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    Hilux Surf - My New Project

    Sweet, brother. Yeah once those factory wheels start losing the clear they start getting stained really easy. I finally just quit trying on mine. Adds character. Nice rig. So? Diesel right? If so then thats cool as hell
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    Teardrop Bike Rack

    That's pretty sweet
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    Best 4Runner Under 8K? late 90s, early 2000s?

    You should be able to find a pretty decent 4th gen for under $8k. We have a 3rd and 4th. 4th is the stock daily and the 3rd has 3" lift and 33s. I like the 3rd more, BUT, 4th is so much more comfortable to ride in. Its a limited with full time 4wd and the 4.7 V8. Personally, I had rather have it...
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    Mild to Wild = Addiction 60 style

    Man, I love a 60. When I started at the Toyota dealer way back in 1985 as a lube guy we got one in and they let me do the Pre Delivery Inspection on it. Wanted one ever since. It was the coolest thing ever. Someday....
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    Spring Break Road Trip. Houston to Great Smoky Mountains NP 03/06-03/14

    Looks like a great trip. At work checking it out because I'm "essential" WTH. Going to wait and share with the wife this evening. We vacation in that area a few times a year. Always good to see something we missed so we don't miss it when we go back.
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    1977 GMC Jimmy High Sierra

    Sweet. Scuff it and have a satin clearcoat put on to save and halt the patina from expanding
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    Jackery 500 or new group 31?

    I think another group 31 is best for me. Simple and mostly effective. Haven't been out past 4 days since we got the camper. I like simple, easy, low maintenance. May add a second 31 at some point. Thanks for the info.
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    Jackery 500 or new group 31?

    Just fridge and fan before. No irons or the like. But yea, still could have been too much.
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    Jackery 500 or new group 31?

    Right now the Jackery is $425. I do have a 60 watt solar. As long as there is sun, the battery was working fine til it crapped the bed.LFP battery system?
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    Jackery 500 or new group 31?

    Been looking at those Jackery power stations for a while. The group 31 has given up on the SoCal. Contemplating new battery or Jackery 500, or new battery and Jackery 240 as some back up, or just a new battery & rock on? Not running anything but the ARB fridge and the interior lights...