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    Sold Both-Land Cruiser & Trailer -$5k trailer separated/ Zero rust! 2005

    Wait, didn't you originally value the trailer at $4500, and then recently post the price on Mud at $4600, and are now asking $5,000 here? Am I missing something, how is this increasing in value?
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    Volvo TGB1312 with portal axles

    Man, it's a good thing that is not in the US, otherwise I'd be awfully tempted...
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    SOLD 2011 LX 570 (200 series) locked on 37s

    @Gregtoy144 Any interest in a built 100 Series LC plus cash?
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    Is the Toyota Land Cruiser based on the Tundra or Tacoma?

    Don't forget Nissan :rolleyes:
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    Is the Toyota Land Cruiser based on the Tundra or Tacoma?

    The 200 series is a pretty big truck, a bit bigger than the 100 series. I don't know any J15, but if you are talking about the 150 platform then that is quite a bit smaller, as it is a 4Runner/Prado platform, but probably relatively close in size to the Disco III. It won't probably be quite as...
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    Tuff Stuff 4x4?

    Their stuff looks OK, but I have only gotten a fake Hi-Lift jack (didn't fit my holder) and a fake Trasharoo, (still have it, works pretty good, for the money would just get the original next time). I think their other stuff is probably one step over Smittybuilt and two above Harbor Freight, but...
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    SOLD - 08 Toyota LandCruiser Overland Built - SoCal

    Talk about the other end of the spectrum!
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    SOLD - 08 Toyota LandCruiser Overland Built - SoCal

    Shoot, that looks great, as all 200s should look! LMK if you would be interested in a built 100 plus cash.
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    Help identify this roof rack set-up, please.

    I think you may be right. At first I thought ARB, but it's too rounded. Another option could be Rola
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    Grab handle RAM ball mount

    Seems like a great idea.
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    Easy Fridge attachment to factory cargo advice (lx470)

    Right, that stuff is pretty pricey for what it is, IMHO. Maybe I'm a little developmentally delayed, but I don't see an easy way to mount that Tortuga slide onto the carpet of a Cruiser. those mounting holes seem too small to do anything of substance, it seems like they are screw holes to mount...
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    Easy Fridge attachment to factory cargo advice (lx470)

    Goose Gear makes a floor plate that is for this application, not too cheap though.
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    Farewall Land Cruiser?

    Nice work, everybody, you really turned this thread into a purse swinger...
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    '04 lx470 factory load bars and other newb questions (RTT etc)

    While some people have mounted RTTs to the factory bars successfully, I believe that the general consensus is that a full length aftermarket rack is best. A family of 4 probably 500#+ plus a 150# tent is a lot over the recommended weight of the factory bars, and there are different physics...
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    2006 or 2013 Land Cruiser?

    I 100% agree with you on the "Highlander XL" looks of the 200. It would be one thing if that bloated body allowed easy fitment of 35's or even 37's but it is actually more difficult to fit 35's than on a 100. Of course I'd enjoy that 5.7 and interior refinements, but it is a challenge to...