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    Wanted - W460 LWB 300GD in Canada

    Did you ever find a 300GD LWB with the OM617A? If you are interested still, I am planning on selling mine in the near future.
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    desperately looking for a land cruiser 101 ambulance

    He must mean land rover '101' forward control.
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    anyone have or know of a LC 101 ambulance for sale?

    He must mean land rover '101' forward control.
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    CL find - 1990 Mercedes 300GD Gwagen

    I have side lined the sale for now due to family medical issues, just not a priority right now. Sorry to offend the defenders. I actually love them, but read my email to a craiglist responder. It's all how you look at things. Sorry to offend you, but the British are not known for their...
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    1986 VW syncro

    It has been for sale for a really long time, not sure why. One thing is, why spend the money on an engine swap and put a jetta gasser in it. Crazy.
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    Turbo time update with Pics!

    Thanks Bhos, Those are 33x10.5 on 15's.
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    Turbo time update with Pics!

    The Evolution continues: 50 mm lift installed, roof rack, bike rack and almost finished my modified saddle tank veggie kit conversion.
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    Turbo time update with Pics!

    I paid about $18,000 plus put in about $9,000-$10,000 in repairs and upgrades.
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    Canadian Patrol GQ build up

    David, Nice to see your rig comming along. I just started my veggie install, the rebuilt engine is still not fully broken in yet but by the time I finish the intstall it should be. We need to wheel these two:safari-rig: legendary rigs together someday.:safari-rig:
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    A G-Wagon from Austria

    Welcome! That G is a very nice!
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    LWB G Wagen - advise me

    I think you are on the right track but keep in mind the G was commissioned for military use, they were going to be driven in a convoy with larger slower trucks or travelling over rough terrain and therefore didn't need to be speed machines. The turbo was the part of the engine that they thought...
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    LWB G Wagen - advise me

    Check this OM617 turbo diesel tuned up a little: YouTube - 0-60_6.MOV
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    LWB G Wagen - advise me

    The key is the diesel requirement, I suggest buying a gasser and doing a diesel swap. You pay alot more a good condition diesel than an excellent condition gasser. If I were to list my 1990 turbo diesel g with all the options available at the time like recaro heated seats, burl walnut trim...
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    CL Find 1999 Vehicross

    That Ironman package is very subtle, he he he :Wow1:. I think I would buy it and drive around with my fat belly just throw people off!